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HOMEWORK 4 1. Visiting a possible location for a convention

Customer Question

HOMEWORK 41. Visiting a possible location for a convention is called a _______ inspection.
A. city
B. hotel
C. convention
D. site
2. What information can a Web site like help you with when preparing your boss for travel?
A. Time zones
B. Foreign customs
C. Currency exchange
D. Travel safety
3. A meeting planning company would be most beneficial to planning which of the following meetings?
A. Incentive meeting
B. Monthly status meeting
C. Convention
D. Workshop
4. Your boss likes to travel with plenty of leg room and be pampered during his flight. What class of airline service would you choose for him on his next trip?
A. Business
B. Economy
C. Coach
D. First
5. Which of the following is the least expensive class of airline service?
A. First
B. Connoisseur
C. Coach
D. Business
6. What is an e-ticket?
A. Ticket with discounts attached to it
B. First-class ticket
C. Ticket purchased through a travel agent
D. Paperless ticket
7. What should you do 10 to 15 minutes before a webinar begins?
A. Schedule the conference.
B. Invite the participants.
C. Prepare the agenda.
D. Test the equipment.
8. A virtual meeting is the same thing as a/an
A. convention.
B. seminar.
C. online meeting.
D. VoIP.
9. A business traveler profile is established to provide
A. the history of an employee's business travel.
B. details and travel preferences about the traveler.
C. a historical log of the traveler's trip.
D. personal details about the traveler's family.
10. Why do some companies use travel agents to set up their travel arrangements?
A. Agents are better at travel plans than administrative professionals.
B. Agents are sometimes aware of discounts that others don't know about.
C. Agents don't charge a fee for arranging travel plans.
D. Agents have far more time to help set up travel than an office staff has.
11. An unrestricted fare is one that
A. is nonrefundable.
B. may allow some changes.
C. is the same as a coach fare.
D. is less expensive than either coach or business class.
12. How long before the date of a convention should committees normally be formed?
A. Three years
B. Three months
C. Six weeks
D. One year
13. What would one use for?
A. To post an announcement about a convention
B. To distribute e-mails to a mailing list
C. For online accounts payable
D. To hold an online meeting
14. Due to the busy and conflicting schedules of businesspeople, how many mailings are usually sent to potential participants when preparing for a convention?
A. Three
B. Two
C. One
D. Four
15. How are most travel itineraries arranged?
A. Event by event
B. By contact person
C. Alphabetically
D. Day by day16. VoIP allows a business to make calls over
A. satellite.
B. cell phones.
C. the Internet.
D. telephone lines.17. Which of the following is usually the largest type of rental car?
A. Convertible
B. Luxury
C. Midsize
D. Economy18. What document is necessary to get through the security checkpoints at airports?
A. E-ticket
B. Credit card
C. Passport
D. Boarding pass19. How can an itinerary help you as an administrative professional?
A. It allows you to locate the boss if something happens.
B. It helps you control exactly where the boss goes.
C. It tells you what jobs need to be done while the boss is gone.
D. It proves that you've done a thorough job of preparation.20. In first-class service, how many seats are on each side of the aisle?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
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My name is David.

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