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Business Finance & Accounting - Assignment Due Tuesday

Customer Question

Business Finance & Accounting - Assignment Due Tuesday @12:00 PM - Spreadsheet attached. Below are the questions associated with the spreadsheet. Please assist with the following assignment. Exercise 9-4 Perfect Systems borrows 94,000 cash on May 15, 2011,
by signing a 60 –day, 12% note. 1. On what date does this note mature? 2. Suppose the face value of the note equals 94,000, the principal of the loan. Prepare the journal entries to record (a) issuance of the note and (b) payment of the note at maturity. Exercise
10-1 On January 1. 2011, Kidman Enterprises issues bonds that have a 1,700.00 par value, mature in 20 years, and pay 9% interest semiannually on June 30 and December 31. The bonds are sold at par. 1. How much interest will Kidman pay (in cash) to the bondholders
every six months? 2. Prepare journal entries to record (a) the insurance of bonds on January 1, 2011; (b) the first interest payment on June 30, 2011; and (c) the second interest payment on December 31, 2011. 3. Prepare the journal entry for issuance assuming
the bonds issued at (a) 98 and (b) 102. Exercise 10-16 Ramirez Company is considering a project that will require a 500,000 loan. It presently has total liabilities of 220,000, and total assets of 620,000. 1. Compute Ramirez’s (a) present debt-to-equity ratio,
and (b) debt-to-equity ratio assuming it borrows 500,000 to fund the project. 2. Evaluate and discuss the level of risk involved if Ramirez borrows the funds to pursue the project. Exercise 11-2 Prepare the journal entry to record Channel One Company’s issuance
of 100,000 shares of 0.50 par value common stock assuming the shares sell for (a) .50 cash per share; (b) 2.00 cash per share Exercise 11-15 Compute the price –earnings ratio for each of these four separate companies. Which stock might an analysis likely investigate
as being potentially undervalued by the market? Explain. Company Earnings per share Market Value per Share 1 10.00 166.00 2 9.00 90.00 3 6.50 84.50 4 40.00 240.00
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