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1. The steps in a marketing cycle are completed A. once

Customer Question

1. The steps in a marketing cycle are completed
A. once a year as a thorough evaluation.
B. every two years at peak season.
C. continually year after year.
D. once every two to three weeks.
2. The most common basis for market segmentation is
A. demographics.
B. psychographics.
C. media usage.
D. cost analysis.
3. _______ is a part of _______ which is a part of _______.
A. Marketing, promotion, advertising
B. Promotion, advertising, marketing
C. Advertising, marketing, promotion
D. Advertising, promotion, marketing
4. If you wanted to advertise so that your message reached a wide audience but the advertising cost per consumer reached was as low as possible, which would you use?
A. Television
B. Radio
C. Newspapers
D. Magazines
5. You change your room rate from $95 per night to $75 per night. As a result, you increase the number of rooms you rent in a certain period from 350 to 500. What will your profit do?
A. Increase because the restaurant will serve more meals
B. Decrease because the total revenue is less
C. Not change-taxes will be higher
D. Insufficient information to determine how profit will be affected
6. The four Ps of marketing are
A. promises, promotion, people, and position.
B. price, people, product, and position.
C. place, position, price, and product.
D. place, product, price, and promotion.
7. Common methods of determining a promotion budget include the
A. status quo method.
B. follow-the-leader method.
C. percentage-of-costs method.
D. all-or-nothing method.
8. The advantages of publicity are that it's
A. inexpensive and controllable.
B. controllable and believable.
C. believable and inexpensive.
D. controllable and expensive.
9. You own a small restaurant and you're active in your community. You participate in charity drives, host special events at your restaurant, and are active in the chamber of commerce. These activities may
A. generate free advertising.
B. reduce your advertising budget.
C. generate positive publicity.
D. reduce your need for sales promotions.
10. In the hospitality industry, the product is the
A. hotel rooms stayed in.
B. service provided.
C. business's guarantee of satisfaction.
D. focus of marketing.
11. The cost of an ad in a magazine is determined by which factor?
A. The placement of the ad
B. The amount of white space
C. How soon you need the ad to run
D. Whether there's a coupon included
12. The type of research information needed to complete a situation analysis for an existing business which seeks to identify factors about the business is called a(n) _______ examination.
A. primary competitor
B. community
C. property
D. on-site location
13. Marketing is the conception, pricing, distribution, and promotion of goods or services to
A. make consumers want your product.
B. satisfy the needs and wants of consumers.
C. satisfy the needs and wants of the business.
D. increase the profit of the company.
14. You've identified the type of customers you can best serve. You're planning on aiming your marketing at these customers. This is your _______ market.
A. favorite
B. select
C. target
D. diversified
15. An essential requirement for developing an effective sales program to attract group business is
A. promise the customer anything he or she wants.
B. prevent sales representatives from being involved in policy formation.
C. limit the information provided to sales representatives.
D. involve top-level management in group business.
16. You've decided to target your marketing to consumers who live in the eastern United States. This is an example of _______ segmentation.
A. psychographic
B. demographic
C. geographic
D. benefit
17. Your fixed expenses for a period of time are $1,000. Your variable expenses are $10 per dinner. You lower your average price for a dinner from $20 to $15. As a result, you increase the number of dinners sold during the period from 225 to 300. Your profit
A. increases by $750.
B. remains the same.
C. decreases by $500.
D. decreases by $750.
18. A group reservation for your restaurant is suddenly cancelled and you have only a couple of days to solve the problem by offering a dinner special for that night. You would likely choose _______ advertising.
A. television
B. radio
C. newspaper
D. magazine
19. You send out a press release, but the local newspaper uses it for an article comparing area hotels, and yours ends up looking bad by comparison. This is an example of the problem with
A. publicity.
B. sales promotion.
C. advertising.
D. marketing.
20. If you need to run an ad with detailed directions to your restaurant, you would probably choose _______ advertising.
A. radio
B. television
C. outdoor
D. print
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I have sent you the offer, please accept and also mention your deadline, thanks.

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