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The debits to Work in Process - Assembly Department for

Customer Question

The debits to Work in Process - Assembly Department for April, together with data concerning production, are as follows: April 1, work in process: Materials cost, 3,000 units $7,950 Conversion costs, 3,000 units, 2/3 completed $5,780 Materials added during
April, 10,000 units $19,500 Conversion costs during April $39,045 Goods finished during April, 11,500 units - - - April 30 work in process, 1,500 units, 1/2 completed - - - All direct materials are placed in process at the beginning of the process and the
average cost method is used to cost inventories. What is the cost of the work in process inventory on April 30? Select the correct answer. $4,425 $8,850 $5,782 $67,850 Department G had 3,500 units, one-third completed at the beginning of the period, 12,310
units were completed during the period, 1,956 units were one-fifth completed at the end of the period, and the following manufacturing costs were debited to the departmental work in process account during the period: Work in process, beginning of period $25,624
Costs added during period: Direct materials $122,229 Direct labor $81,486 Factory overhead $27,162 Assuming that all direct materials are placed in process at the beginning of production and that the first-in, first-out method of inventory costing is used,
what is the total cost of 3,500 units of beginning inventory which were completed during the period? Select the correct answer. $25,892 $27,162 $47,603 $25,624
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Multiple Problems
Expert:  Manal Elkhoshkhany replied 2 years ago.
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