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Keeping the familiar Mars brand name attached to the new Ethel's

Customer Question

Keeping the familiar Mars brand name attached to the new Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges allows marketers to take advantage of:
a. stimulus generalization
b. selective retention
c. stimulus discrimination
d. motivation
e. justification
2. The best way for Ethel’s Chocolate Lounges to influence ambivalent customers to purchase the company’s products would be to
a. send postpurchase thank you letters.
b. offer guarantees.
c. display its product superiority in advertising.
d. reassure consumers that their product is just like other Mars products.
e. cater to a wide variety of consumers.
3. When an Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge first opens in a city, consumers probably use ________ when deciding to spend $42 on a box of chocolates.
a. a cognitive decision
b. routine response behavior
c. limited decision making
d. extensive decision making
e. specialty choicing
4. If a manager at Mars created a short brochure about the concept of Ethel’s Chocolate Boutiques and the products sold in the boutiques, it would be an example of
a. an internal information search.
b. nonmarketing-controlled information.
c. marketing-controlled information.
d. a prepurchase shopping tool.
e. an evoked set.
5. Katie is a college student in South Bend, Indiana. After classes, she decides to grab a snack before going back to her apartment. Before leaving campus, she can go to the cafeteria or a pretzel stand. Along her walk home are an Ethel’s and a Panera. Katie really wants a sandwich and a hot drink, so in all likelihood, her evoked set ________ contain ________.
a. will; the pretzel stand
b. will not; the cafeteria
c. will; Ethel’s
d. will; Panera
e. will not; Panera
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Multiple Problems
Expert:  Neo replied 2 years ago.
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