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Which of the following are measures used by marketing executives?

Customer Question

1. (TCO 4) Which of the following are measures used by marketing executives? (Points : 5) 
market share
cost per lead
retention rate
cost per click
All of the above measures are used by marketing executives.

2. (TCO 1) Marketing plans must enable results to be compared with planned targets which allows __________, the flexibility to update original plans. (Points : 5) 
contingency planning
dynamic planning
proactive change

3. (TCO 3) Which marketing strategy involves retaining focus on a single product line but marketing it to new markets? (Points : 5) 
full coverage
market specialization
product specialization
selective specialization
market-product concentration

4. (TCO 1) Based on relative competitive scope (broad target to narrow target) and source of competitive advantage (lower cost to differentiation), Porter's four generic business strategies are differentiation, cost focus, cost leadership, and (Points : 5) 
quality focus.
differentiation focus.
service leadership.

5. (TCO 2) Which of the following pieces of information is used in the implementation phase of the strategic marketing process? (Points : 5) 
corporate return on investment
marketing research reports
revenues associated with each point of market share
trends in past and current revenues for industry and competitors in total and by segment
possible cannibalization effects on other products in the line

6. (TCO 6) Which of the following pieces of information is used in the second step of the planning phase of the strategic marketing process? (Points : 5) 
corporate return on investment
market potential studies
revenues associated with each point of market share
trends in past and current revenues for industry and competitors in total and by segment
possible cannibalization effects on other products in the line

7. (TCO 3) The first decision in developing an advertising program is to (Points : 5) 
set the budget.
state the mission of the advertising program.
identify the target audience.
select the appeal.
select the media.

8. (TCO 2) The proper blend of elements in the promotional mix depends on the type of product. The three specific characteristics to be considered are complexity, risk, and__________. (Points : 5) 
Ancillary services.

9. (TCO 4) The promotional objective of the decline stage of the product life cycle is to (Points : 5) 
do none of the above.

10. (TCO 2) The __________ can be used to inform prospective buyers about the benefits of the product. (Points : 5) 
promotion channel
communication chain
marketing matrix
promotional mix
media mix

11. (TCO 8) Which of the following statements about the terms used for marketing intermediaries is true? (Points : 5) 
The least precise terms used to describe marketing intermediaries are dealer and distributor.
A retailer sells to business markets.
An agent has no legal authority to act on behalf of a manufacturer.
A wholesaler is an intermediary who sells to consumers.
A broker is a synonym for a dealer.

12. (TCO 7) Conspiracy among firms to set prices for a product is called (Points : 5) 
price discrimination.
price fixing.
predatory pricing.
tying arrangements.
exclusive dealing.

13. (TCO 2) Which of the following is NOT one of the six major pricing objectives? (Points : 5) 
unit volume
market share

14. (TCO 3) The ratio of __________to price is called value. (Points : 5) 
perceived benefits
prestige value
value-added pricing
perceived revenue
perceived costs

15. (TCO 6) Market segmentation involves aggregating prospective buyers into groups that have common needs and will (Points : 5) 
pay attention to marketing messages.
respond similarly to a marketing action.
be responsive to marketing research.
use the same payment methods.
go shopping on a regular basis.

16. (TCO 5) Which of the following statements about environmental scanning is true? (Points : 5) 
Environmental scanning changes the marketing environment.
Environmental scanning identifies and interprets potential trends.
Environmental scanning is an annual event.
Environmental scanning focuses primarily on geographical factors.
All of the above statements about environmental scanning are true.

17. (TCO 1) The marketing department helps keep the organization focused on creating value both for it and for customers. This is accomplished by (Points : 5) 
listening to customers.
developing offerings.
producing offerings.
implementing marketing program activities.
doing all of the above.

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1. (TCO 1) Cole works for a company that requested all of its staff to purchase new toys and bring them into the office during the month of December for holiday distribution to families in need. Cole was excited about choosing some toys for this event, purchased several and brought them to work. After Cole dropped the toys off, he felt very happy and satisfied that he had helped others with his donation. Was this a marketing exchange? (Points : 8)

No, because this request was tax-deductable

Yes, because the toys were going to families in need

No, because Cole bought the toys

Yes, because Cole's donation of the toys was accompanied by his satisfaction and happiness

No, because Cole spent money for toys but then gave them away.

2. (TCO 6) Which of the following would be the BEST the target market for tickets to the home games of the Indianapolis Colts professional football team? (Points : 8)

All people in the Indianapolis area

All people in the U.S

All men in the U.S

People in the Indianapolis area with an interest in professional football

All people in the U.S. with an interest in professional football

3. (TCO 3) Which element of the marketing mix is demonstrated when the Mars Company has a sale on M&Ms® brand candies? (Points : 8)






4. (TCO 5) More magazine is a publication designed to appeal to women over the age of 40. Demand for such magazines is an example of how __________ forces impact the marketing environment. (Points : 8)






5. (TCO 7) In 1998, F. Hoffman-LaRoche Ltd. And BASF AG, two international pharmaceutical companies, were ordered to pay $725 million in fines for plotting to raise and fix prices of vitamins used in virtually every home in the U.S. This is an example of how __________ forces affect the marketing environment. (Points : 8)






6. (TCO 6) Graham-Field Health Products makes hospital beds and wheelchairs from component parts and materials it buys. It sells its products to hospitals, nursing homes and retailers of health care products. Graham-Field Health Products operates in a(n) __________ market.

(Points : 8)

Consumer Government Industrial Reseller Demographic

7. (TCO 1) Several years ago, SwissAir made some unwise investments to pay for a planned expansion. As a result, the company had to make some cost-cutting moves that alienated its customers. Eventually the company declared bankruptcy, regrouped and found itself able to resume business. Its board of directors recently announced that the company would resume flying if it could prove that the airlines could regain at least 75 percent of its lost customers. It decided to allot $50,000 to determine the probability that its former customers would fly on the airline again and what methods requiring little or no money could be used to increase that probability. This description represents which stage in the marketing research approach? (Points : 8)

Define the problem Develop the research plan Collect relevant information Develop findings Take marketing actions

8. (TCO 3) When Marine Midland Bank sent market researchers with surveys door-to-door in the neighborhoods of their branch banks to ask people with savings accounts why they did not also have checking accounts and credit cards with Marine Midland, they were gathering __________ data. (Points : 8)

Questionnaire Secondary Intercept Observational Nonprobability

9. (TCO 4) Sara Burns is the owner of a company called Spice and was looking for a new-product to go with her company's line of food condiments when a customer suggested combining spices with tea. This is an example of (Points : 8)

Accidental invention Idea generation Bootlegging ideas Serendipitous management Serendipitous innovation

10. (TCO 4) A few years ago Who Wants to Be a Millionaire premiered as the first nighttime game show in several decades. The marketing for the show was intent on making television viewers aware of its existence and excited enough about the show that we would watch the first episode. Based on this description, in which stage of the product life cycle would this show be?

(Points : 8)

Introduction Growth Maturity Decline Harvest

11. (TCO 8) When the Avon representative sells cosmetics door-to-door, it is an example of which type of marketing channel? (Points : 8)

Direct channel Indirect channel Strategic channel alliances Marketing channel Dual distributive channel

12. (TCO 2) Disney is using an integrated marketing communications program (IMC) to promote group travel to its theme parks because (Points : 8)

Its strategy includes using all types of promotional activities that deliver a consistent message

It does not want to reach any member of its target audience more than once

IMC is less expensive than other forms of promotion such as public service announcements

If it didn't, Disney would have to use indirect personal selling

It is more concerned about frequency than reach

13. (TCO 2) A small film company is releasing a documentary based on the efforts of a group dedicated to saving endangered species. The company believes the credibility of its film is critical to its financial success. Which promotional element should it employ? (Points : 8)

Invite members of the group to speak to local schoolchildren

Use publicity

Give away free posters to all movie attendees

Use direct sales

Send postcards to all people within a 25-mile radius of a theater showing the movie

14. (TCO 8) Assume McDonald's is engaging in a market penetration strategy. Which of the following actions best illustrates a market penetration strategy?

(Points : 8)

Opening the first McDonald's in China

Developing a line of McDonald's toys to be sold through Toys R Us stores

Adding a line of new deli sandwiches to the menu of existing McDonald's stores

Running a promotion based on the Monopoly game, whereby customers have a chance to win prizes with each purchase

Removing slow-moving products from its menus

15. (TCO 5) In a survey conducted immediately after the World Trade Center attack, 47 percent of the women who responded to the survey said they would not treat themselves to small luxuries like manicures and 54 percent said they would not buy any expensive clothes. The results of this survey most directly relate to __________ forces within the environmental scan. (Points : 8)

Economic Regulatory Cost Competitive Legal

1. (TCO 3)

Imagine you are creating a marketing plan for a company that will sell bikes. As you consider the marketing program, what types of strategy should you consider including in the plan? Propose one specific example of each type of strategy that you are considering and present your rationale (reasoning) for your strategy selections.

(Points : 30)

2. (TCO 1) Imagine you are the marketing manager responsible for developing marketing strategy for a bicycle company. Propose the strategic marketing process you will use being sure the name the stages, the activities included in the stages and stage specific examples related to marketing bicycles. (Points : 30)

3. (TCO 4) Managing the product through successive stages of the product life cycle is an important role for a product manager. Assess the three ways to manage a product through its life cycle including examples to help clarify your assessment. Indicate the reasoning why you would prefer one method over another in a given situation. You can use any product in your examples. (Points : 30)