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Help with 50% of this, your choice which ones to choose. T

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Help with 50% of this, your choice which ones to choose. Thanks

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Cash paid for preferred stock dividends should be shown on the statement of cash flows under

A) operating activities
B) investing activities
C) financing activities
D) noncash investing and financing activities




The Reagan Corporation issues 1,000, 10-year, 8%, $1,000 bonds dated January 1, 2011, at 95. The journal entry to record the issuance will show a

A) credit to Cash for $950,000.
B) debit to Cash of $1,000,000.
C) credit to Bonds Payable for $1,000,000.
D) credit to Discount on Bonds Payable for $50,000.




On the statement of cash flows prepared by the indirect method, a $50,000 gain on the sale of investments would be

A) added to dividends declared in converting the dividends declared to the cash flows from financing activities related to dividends
B) deducted from dividends declared in converting the dividends declared to the cash flows from financing activities related to dividends
C) added to net income in converting the net income reported on the income statement to cash flows from operating activities
D) deducted from net income in converting the net income reported on the income statement to cash flows from operating activities



In the manufacture of 10,000 units of a product, direct materials cost incurred was $145,800, direct labor cost incurred was $82,000, and applied factory overhead was $45,500. What is the total conversion cost?

A) $273,300
B) $145,800
C) $127,500
D) $272,200



The following data is given for the Stringer Company:

Budgeted production

26,000 units

Actual production

27,500 units



Standard price per ounce


Standard ounces per completed unit


Actual ounces purchased and used in production


Actual price paid for materials




Standard hourly labor rate

$22 per hour

Standard hours allowed per completed unit


Actual labor hours worked


Actual total labor costs




Actual and budgeted fixed overhead


Standard variable overhead rate

$24.50 per standard labor hour

Actual variable overhead costs


Overhead is applied on standard labor hours.

The direct material price variance is:

A) 22,800U
B) 22,800F
C) 52,000U
D) 52,000F



If the market rate of interest is greater than the contractual rate of interest, bonds will sell

A) only after the stated rate of interest is increased.
B) at a premium.
C) at face value.
D) at a discount.



Below is budgeted production and sales information for Bluebird Company for the month of December:


Product XXX

Product ZZZ

Estimated beginning inventory

30,000 units

18,000 units

Desired ending inventory

32,000 units

15,000 units

Anticipated sales

520,000 units

460,000 units

The unit selling price for product XXX is $5 and for product ZZZ is $14.

Budgeted production for product ZZZ during the month is:

A) 460,000 units
B) 475,000 units
C) 463,000 units
D) 457,000 units


8. The following production data were taken from the records of the Finishing Department for June:

Inventory in process, 6-1 ( 30% completed)

4,000 units

Completed units during June

71,000 units

Ending inventory (60% complete)

7,000 units

Determine the number of conversion equivalent units of production in the June 30 Finishing Department inventory, assuming that the first-in, first-out method is used to cost inventories.

A) 72,400 units
B) 74,000 units
C) 71,200 units
D) 4,200 units



Which of the following is not included in conversion costs?

A) Direct labor.
B) Direct materials.
C) Indirect labor.
D) Factory overhead.



Dotterel Corporation uses the variable cost concept of product pricing. Below is cost information for the production and sale of 35,000 units of its sole product. Dotterel desires a profit equal to a 11.2% rate of return on invested assets of $350,000.

Fixed factory overhead cost


Fixed selling and administrative costs


Variable direct materials cost per unit


Variable direct labor cost per unit


Variable factory overhead cost per unit


Variable selling and administrative cost per unit


The dollar amount of desired profit from the production and sale of the company's product is:

A) $89,600
B) $70,000
C) $39,200
D) $84,000



Below is a table for the present value of $1 at Compound interest.

























Below is a table for the present value of an annuity of $1 at compound interest.

























Using the tables above, what would be the internal rate of return of an investment of $168,140 and would generate an annual cash inflow of $70,000 for the next 3 years?

A) cannot be determined from the data given.
B) 12%
C) 6%
D) 10%






12. Cash receipts received from the issuance of a mortgage notes payable would be classified as

A) investing activities.
B) financing activities.
C) either financing or investing activities.
D) operating activities.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.


Short-term creditors are typically most interested in assessing

A) marketability.
B) operating results.
C) profitability.
D) solvency.



Cost of goods manufactured is equal to:

A) total manufacturing costs plus beginning work in process inventory less ending work in process inventory
B) total manufacturing costs plus ending materials inventory less beginning materials inventory
C) cost of goods sold beginning work in process inventory less ending work in process inventory
D) total manufacturing costs plus ending work in process inventory less beginning work in process inventory



Panamint Systems Corporation is estimating activity costs associated with producing disk drives, tapes drives, and wire drives. The indirect labor can be traced to four separate activity pools. The budgeted activity cost and activity base data by product are provided below.



Activity Base



$ 370,000

Number of purchase orders




Number of production orders


Materials handling


Number of moves


Product development


Number of engineering changes




Machine hours




Number of





Number of Engineering



Disk drives







Tape drives







Wire drives







Determine the activity rate for procurement per purchase order.

A) $18.50
B) $15.42
C) $43.53
D) $37.00


16.The Kaumajet Factory produces two products - table lamps and desk lamps. It has two separate departments - finishing and production. The overhead budget for the finishing department is $550,000, using 500,000 direct labor hours. The overhead budget for the production department is $400,000 using 80,000 direct labor hours.

If the budget estimates that a table lamp will require 2 hours of finishing and 1 hours of production, how much factory overhead will be allocated to each unit of table lamps using the multiple production department factory overhead rate method with an allocation base of direct labor hours?

A) $4.91
B) $5.00
C) $7.20
D) $6.33



Which of the following statements is true regarding fixed and variable costs?

A) Variable costs are constant in total, and fixed costs vary in total.
B) Fixed costs are constant in total, and variable costs are constant per unit.
C) Both costs are constant when considered on a per unit basis.
D) Both costs are constant when considered on a total basis.



Gilbert’s expects its September sales to be 20% higher than its August sales of $150,000. Purchases were $100,000 in August and are expected to be $120,000 in September. All sales are on credit and are collected as follows: 30% in the month of the sale and 70% in the following month. Merchandise purchases are paid as follows: 25% in the month of purchase and 75% in the following month. The beginning cash balance on September 1 is $7,500. The ending balance on September 30 would be:

A) $71,500
B) $72,300
C) $75,000
D) $61,500


19.Nighthawk Inc. is considering disposing of a machine with a book value of $22,500 and an estimated remaining life of three years. The old machine can be sold for $6,250. A new machine with a purchase price of $68,750 is being considered as a replacement. It will have a useful life of three years and no residual value. It is estimated that the annual variable manufacturing costs will be reduced from $43,750 to $20,000 if the new machine is purchased. The net differential increase or decrease in cost for the entire three years for the new equipment is:

A) $2,925 decrease
B) $31,250 decrease
C) $8,750 increase
D) $8,750 decrease



If $1,000,000 of 8% bonds are issued at 105, the amount of cash received from the sale is

A) $950,000
B) $1,050,000
C) $1,080,000
D) $1,000,000



The Baffin Factory has determined that its budgeted factory overhead budget for the year is $7,750,000. They plan to produce 1,000,000 units. Budgeted direct labor hours are 500,000 and budgeted machine hours are 375,000. Using the single plantwide factory overhead rate based on direct labor hours, calculate the factory overhead rate for the year.

A) $77.50
B) $15.50
C) $7.75
D) $20.67



Which of the following is an example of direct labor cost for an airplane manufacturer?

A) Cost of oil lubricants for factory machinery
B) Cost of wages of assembly worker
C) Cost of jet engines
D) Salary of plant supervisor



If the price paid per unit differs from the standard price per unit for direct materials, the variance is termed a:

A) price variance
B) variable variance
C) controllable variance
D) volume variance


A company is contemplating investing in a new piece of manufacturing machinery. The amount to be invested is $150,000. The present value of the future cash flows is $145,000. Should they invest in this project?

A) no, because net present value is +$5,000
B) yes, because net present value is +$5,000
C) yes, because net present value is -$5,000
D) no, because net present value is -$5,000



Which of the following are the two main types of cost accounting systems for manufacturing operations?

A) Process cost and general accounting systems
B) Job order cost and process cost systems
C) Process cost and replacement cost systems
D) Job order and general accounting systems

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Here are the rest it's 40, but which ever 20 you find the simplest would do! =) thanks Businesstutor


A company’s history indicates that 20% of its sales are for cash and the rest are on credit. Collections on credit sales are 20% in the month of the sale, 50% in the next month, 25% the following month, and 5% is uncollectible. Projected sales for December, January, and February are $60,000, $85,000, and $95,000, respectively. The February expected cash receipts from all current and prior credit sales is:

A) $90,250
B) $61,200
C) $66,400
D) $57,000



The following data relate to direct materials costs for November:

Actual costs

4,700 pounds at $5.40

Standard costs

4,500 pounds at $6.00

What is the direct materials quantity variance?

A) $1,200 favorable
B) $2,700 favorable
C) $2,700 favorable
D) $1,200 unfavorable



If the straight-line method of amortization of bond premium or discount is used, which of the following statements is true?

A) Annual interest expense will remain the same over the life of the bonds with the amortization of bond discount.
B) Annual interest expense will decrease over the life of the bonds with the amortization of bond discount.
C) Annual interest expense will increase over the life of the bonds with the amortization of bond premium.
D) Annual interest expense will increase over the life of the bonds with the amortization of bond discount.



The St. Augustine Corporation originally budgeted for $360,000 of fixed overhead. Production was budgeted to be 12,000 units. The standard hours for production were 5 hours per unit. The variable overhead rate was $3 per hour. Actual fixed overhead was $360,000 and actual variable overhead was $170,000. Actual production was 11,700 units.

Compute the factory overhead controllable variance.

A) $5,500U
B) $9,000F
C) $5,500F
D) $9,000U



Nuthatch Corporation began its operations on September 1 of the current year. Budgeted sales for the first three months of business are $260,000, $350,000, and $400,000, respectively, for September, October, and November. The company expects to sell 30% of its merchandise for cash. Of sales on account, 80% are expected to be collected in the month of the sale and 20% in the month following the sale.

The cash collections in November from accounts receivable are:

A) $295,200
B) $336,000
C) $294,000
D) $273,000



Land costing $88,000 was sold for $50,000 cash. The loss on the sale was reported on the income statement as other expense. On the statement of cash flows, what amount should be reported as an investing activity from the sale of land?

A) $38,000
B) $50,000
C) $138,000
D) $88,000


Which of the following items appear on the corporate income statement before income from continuing operations?

A) cumulative effect of a change in accounting principle
B) income tax expense
C) extraordinary gain
D) loss on discontinued operations



The benefits of comparing actual performance of the operations against planned goals include all of the following except:

A) providing prompt feedback to employees about their performance relative to the goal
B) determining how managers are performing against prior years' actual operating results
C) preventing unplanned expenditures
D) helping to establish spending priorities



Which of the following costs incurred by a paper manufacturer would NOT be included in the group of costs referred to as conversion costs?

A) Raw lumber (direct materials)
B) Factory supervisor's salary
C) Machine operator's wages (direct labor)
D) Factory maintenance personnel supplies


When the corporation issuing the bonds has the right to repurchase the bonds prior to the maturity date for a specific price, the bonds are

A) callable bonds
B) unsecured bonds
C) convertible bonds
D) debenture bonds


The balance in Premium on Bonds Payable

A) should be allocated to the remaining periods for the life of the bonds by the straight-line method, if the results obtained by that method materially differ from the results that would be obtained by the interest method
B) should be reported in the paid-in capital section of the balance sheet
C) should be reported on the balance sheet as a deduction from the related bonds payable
D) would be added to the related bonds payable on the balance sheet



Blue Ridge Marketing Inc. manufactures two products, A and B. Presently, the company uses a single plantwide factory overhead rate for allocating overhead to products. However, management is considering moving to a multiple department rate system for allocating overhead. The following table presents information about estimated overhead and direct labor hours.



Direct Labor
Hours (dlh)




Painting Dept.


10,000 dlh

16 dlh

4 dlh

Finishing Dept.







20,000 dlh

20 dlh

20 dlh






Using a single plantwide rate, determine the overhead rate per unit for Product B:

A) $640.00
B) $496.00
C) $320.00
D) $144.00



The details concerning the costs incurred on each job order are accumulated in a subsidiary ledger known as the:

A) creditors ledger
B) cost ledger
C) materials ledger
D) stock ledger



A business received an offer from an exporter for 10,000 units of product at $17 per unit. The acceptance of the offer will not affect normal production or domestic sales prices. The following data are available:

Domestic unit sales price


Unit manufacturing costs:






What is the amount of gain or loss from acceptance of the offer?

A) $50,000 loss
B) $30,000 loss
C) $20,000 loss
D) $60,000 gain


A cost that will not be affected by later decisions is termed a(n):

A) differential cost
B) historical cost
C) replacement cost
D) sunk cost



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1hr and 35mins and counting before this closes off.
I have started from the beginning. You can start from 40 upward, but I will probably be able to help with all 40.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Well I already have 50% credited towards this work from doing well in a previous assignment. But which ever you feel comfortable that would be great.
I will try to finish all 40 then, wouldn't that be better?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Of course but I'm just trying to make it easier on you. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX your the best!
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45 mins just keeping a time check =)
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
You are the best. So tomm Monday at 5:30 I will be in the lab to do the last exercises which should probably be similar to this one. Thank you very much you truly are the best!
Thank you Customer :) See you tomorrow then

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