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Success in international competition requires organizations

Customer Question

Success in international competition requires organizations to be responsive to: (Points : 4)
changes in demography
changes in the marketplace, ethnic, religious and gender diversity
changes in information technology
changes in wage structure

2. The study of organizational behavior is concerned with: (Points : 4)
psychosocial, interpersonal, and organizational structure.
psychosocial, interpersonal, and work design.
interpersonal, group dynamics in organizations, and work design.
psychosocial, interpersonal, and group dynamics in organizations.

3. Research focusing on the effects of efficient cultures on organizational performance and how pathological personalities may lead to dysfunctional cultures highlights which disciplines contribution to organizational behavior? (Points : 4)

4. Which generation of workers tends to strive for moral rights in the workplace and take a more activist position regarding employee rights? (Points : 4)
baby boomers
silent generation
Generation Y
Generation X

5. While the globalization of business affects all parts of the organization, which area of the organization is particularly affected? (Points : 4)
human resources

6. According to your text, African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans are likely to be at a disadvantage within organizations because: (Points : 4)
they are under-represented in declining occupations
they tend to live in a small number of large cities that are facing severe economic difficulties
available jobs in the future will require less skill than in the past
the proportion of African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans who are qualified for higher level jobs are often higher than the proportion of qualified whites and Asian-Americans

7. An individual's generalized belief about internal control versus external control is called: (Points : 4)
locus of control

8. Which of the following results regarding impression management and employment interviews has not been supported by research? (Points : 4)
Impression management is associated with higher interview performance.
Impression management is associated with increasing the probability of a site visit.
Impression management is associated with higher probabilities of getting hired.
Impression management is associated with higher starting salaries.

9. Generalized self-efficacy is the general: (Points : 4)
feeling of one's self-worth
extent to which people base their behavior on cues from other people and situations
belief about one's own capabilities to deal with the events and challenges that make life demanding
belief about self or situational control over what happens to them

10. Which statement regarding the relationship between culture and job satisfaction is most accurate? (Points : 4)
Job satisfaction is not influenced by culture.
Job satisfaction and participative techniques do not appear to be related when taking into account cultural differences.
Culture does not appear to affect the factors (i.e., work itself) that lead to job satisfaction.
Job satisfaction is significantly affected by culture but factors may differ.

11. The elaboration likelihood model of persuasion proposes that: (Points : 4)
persuasion occurs over the routes of message, target, and source characteristics
the likelihood that an attitude will change is largely dependent on the amount of time spent attempting to change the attitude
attitudinal change is a function of three interactive routes, physical, mental, and visual
persuasion occurs over two routes, the central and the peripheral

12. When one's attitudes and required job behavior conflict, __________ may develop. (Points : 4)
attitude consonance
behavioral tendency
cognitive dissonance

13. Persons who have a strong desire to control others are high in: (Points : 4)
need for achievement
need for affiliation
need for safety and security
need for power

14. According to Herzberg, a major difference between motivator and hygiene factors includes: (Points : 4)
motivators are controlled by supervisors and hygienes are contained within the job
hygiene factors allow self-actualization when present whereas motivation factors can only be activated when pay and benefits are acceptable
hygiene factors deal with personal appearance and motivators concern negative aspects of the job environment
motivators deal with job characteristics that are intrinsic to the job an
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