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1. Adidas Group owns Reebok, Rockport, and Greg Norman brands.

Customer Question

1. Adidas Group owns Reebok, Rockport, and Greg Norman brands. Adidas uses the different brands to
pursue a _______ segmentation strategy.
A. micromarketing
B. concentrated
C. benefit
D. differentiated
2. Several years ago, General Motors ran an advertising campaign for their Oldsmobile line of cars using
the slogan, "Not your father's automobile" and a young woman as spokesperson. GM was attempting to
_______ the Oldsmobile line.
A. position
B. use salient feature differentiation for
C. identify a target market for
D. reposition
3. Travel marketers know Baby Boomers represent a huge demographic segment. They also know Baby
Boomers are heavily motivated by self-fulfillment, which creates the possibility of _______ segmentation.
A. psychographic
B. geographic
C. benefit
D. self-concept
4. When the market research problem isn't clearly defined, a researcher should engage in _______
A. syndicated marketing surveys
B. conclusive
C. exploratory
D. data mining
5. If a marketing researcher is ready to move beyond preliminary insights, he or she is ready to engage in
A. conclusive research.
B. exploratory research.
C. syndicated marketing surveys.
D. data warehousing.
6. Alex has found that investment real estate buyers and residential real estate buyers both respond
positively to his marketing communication message. Alex has identified _______ that respond similarly to
his marketing efforts.
A. self-concept customers
B. geographic segments
C. mass-customization consumers
D. market segments
7. Karen has identified four potential market segments for her Rent-A-Chef home meal catering service.
The next step is to
A. categorize each market segment by consumer demographics.
B. evaluate the attractiveness of each segment.
C. develop a positioning strategy.
D. decide whether to use undifferentiated segmentation.
8. Because marketing is all about creating value for customers, dividing the market based on _______
segmentation can be quite useful.
A. geographic
B. benefit
C. psychographic
D. self-actualization
9. One of the most important factors in creating solid, actionable recommendations is that market
researchers must collect, record, analyze, and interpret data in a(n) _______ fashion.
A. systematic
B. entrepreneurial
C. opportunistic
D. synchronous rather than asynchronous
10. Assuming a market research study will reduce uncertainty associated with a proposed project, which of
the following is the next major question that needs to be addressed before starting the study?
A. Will observation research be considered intrusive?
B. How will the questions be defined?
C. Is top management committed to the study?
D. How will the results be presented?
11. If the results of marketing research provide information that's used in making management decisions,
marketing research will
A. become an executive staff function.
B. create value.
C. replace the need for detailed planning exercises.
D. become an important profit center in its own right.
12. As access to the Internet becomes nearly universal, it makes many potential market segments become
A. perceptive.
B. reachable.
C. substantial.
D. identifiable.
13. Through analysis of sales data, Price-Cutters retail store found that customers who bought peanut
butter tended to also buy bananas. Price-Cutters was engaged in
A. behavioral analysis.
B. syndicated surveying.
C. data mining.
D. focus group analysis.
14. A(n) _______ is often used to illustrate the position of a firm's products or brands in consumers' minds.
A. perceptual map
B. mass-marketing analysis
C. loyalty timeline
D. VALS summary
15. Marketing researchers (both ethical and not) have found it more and more difficult to get quality
information, especially about sensitive topics. Responsible marketers know they must _______ to get
reluctant respondents to provide honest information.
A. choose only extroverts and other marketing researchers
B. use either focus group or in-depth interviews
C. assure consumers that their individual responses will be kept confidential
D. deconstruct unstructured questions
16. If values provide goals, and self-concept is the way we see ourselves, lifestyles are
A. how we live our lives to achieve goals.
B. motivations turned into perceptual maps.
C. marketing manipulation of consumers' fears.
D. images of how we should live our lives.
17. From charitable giving, to medical records, to Internet tracking, consumers are more anxious than ever
A. exploitation of resources by unscrupulous global marketers.
B. the use of secondary data retrieval systems.
C. the use of data mining by dating services.
D. preserving their fundamental right to privacy.
18. Psychographics is the segmentation method that delves into how consumers
A. describe themselves.
B. adjust to demographic changes.
C. watch television.
D. allocate scarce incomes on a variety of goods and services.
19. Benefit-cost analysis in market research weighs the
A. potential benefit of exploratory research against the exact benefit of conclusive research.
B. benefits of answering questions against the cost of the research.
C. benefit of primary data research versus the benefit of secondary data research.
D. benefit of a MkIS versus the cost of syndicated data.
20. Commercial research firms like ACNielsen, J. D. Power, and Simmons Market Research Bureau are
sources of
A. syndicated data.
B. secondary data.
C. primary data.
D. data mining.
21. When Penguin Catering Services first opened, the owner decided to target only events at nearby
resorts. Penguin Catering was using a _______ segmentation strategy.
A. concentrated
B. differentiated
C. micromarketing
D. benefit
22. If detailed customer information is kept over a period of time, a company may be able to construct an
important measure of a customer's profitability known as
A. customer net worth.
B. customer earning potential.
C. customer lifetime value.
D. primary customer profit.
23. Greta is concerned that one of the potential market segments she has identified for her dog grooming
service is too small and doesn't contain sufficient buying power. Greta is concerned with whether the
segment is
A. substantial.
B. reachable.
C. responsive.
D. profitable.
24. The many incidents of identity theft and scams presented to consumers as market research surveys
have made
A. data mining easier.
B. consumers more sympathetic to the plight of market researchers.
End of exam
C. government regulations covering market research more flexible.
D. it more difficult for market researchers to gain cooperation from respondents.
25. Retail checkout scanning systems create a tremendous amount of purchasing information usually stored
in a company's
A. Web site.
B. data warehouse.
C. iPod system.
D. syndicated data service.
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Category: Multiple Problems
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

no time limit. i just need correct anwsers. thank you som much for the help.


Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 5 years ago.
No problem.. few more minutes
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 5 years ago.

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