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Does anyone have the answers to Bus 475 Exam version 4?

Customer Question

Does anyone have the answers to Bus 475 Exam version 4?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Multiple Problems
Expert:  Josie-Mod replied 5 years ago.

Hi, I'm a moderator for this topic and I wonder whether you're still waiting for an answer. If you are, please let me know and I will do my best to find an Expert to assist you right away. If not, feel free to let me know and I will cancel this question for you. Thank you!

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Does anyone have the answers to MGT 445 version 1 final?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Does anyone have the answers to MGT 448?
Expert:  Josie-Mod replied 5 years ago.

Sometimes, finding the right Expert can take a little longer than expected and we thank you greatly for your understanding. We'll be in touch again shortly.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

1. (1)

These are decisions about how to manage the firm's financial resources most efficiently.


Investment decisions

Financing decisions

Money management decisions

Economic decisions


2. (1)

This is defined as the mix of debt and equity used to finance a business.


Portfolio analysis

Investment ratio

Balance sheet

Financial structure


3. (1)

In general, firms prefer to hold cash balances at a centralized depository for all of the following reasons except


By pooling cash reserves centrally, the firm can deposit larger amounts

It enables the firm to invest a larger amount of cash reserves in short-term, highly liquid financial instruments that earn a lower interest rate

If the centralized depository is located in a major financial center, it has access to information about good short-term investment opportunities that the typical foreign subsidiary would lack

The firm can reduce the total size of the cash pool it must hold in highly liquid accounts


4. (1)

Firms should build a strong corporate culture and an informal management network for transmitting information and knowledge within the organization if they are pursuing a(n)


Transnational strategy

Localization strategy

Global standardization strategy

International strategy


5. (1)

What is the reason for a decline in pursuing an ethnocentric staffing policy in most international businesses?


It is expensive to implement

It limits advancement opportunities for host-country nationals

A gap can arise between host-country managers and parent-country managers

The lack of management transfers from home to host countries


6. (1)

Which dimension of Mendenhall and Oddou's study suggests that an expatriate with high self-esteem, self-confidence and mental well-being is likely to succeed in a foreign job posing?




Cultural toughness

Perceptual ability


7. (1)

Which of the following statements is false?


Product reliability may be a more important attribute in most advanced countries

Consumers in highly developed countries tend to build a lot of extra performance attributes into their products

Consumers in the most developed countries are often not willing to sacrifice their preferred attributes for lower prices

Consumers in the most advanced countries often shun globally standardized products that have been developed with the lowest common denominator in mind


8. (1)

When a firm emphasizes personal selling rather than mass media advertising in the promotional mix, the firm is using a


Standardized strategy

Pull strategy

Push strategy

Localized strategy


9. (1)

For _____ to work, the firm must normally have a profitable position in another national market, which it can use to subsidize aggressive pricing in the market it is trying to monopolize.


Multipoint pricing

Value-based pricing

Experience curve pricing

Predatory pricing


10. (1)

_____ is the activity that controls the transportation of physical materials through the value chain, from procurement through production and into distribution.







11. (1)

A company that wants to reduce set-up time for complex equipment, increase the utilization of individual machines through better scheduling and improve quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process should adopt



Diseconomies of scale

Flexible machine technology

Minimum efficient scale


12. (1)

Asian firms that did not have access to export credits to finance their international trade after the1997 crisis turned to


U.S. backed loan payments

Foreign direct investment


Domestic market expansion


13. (1)

Which of the following statements about value creation by an international business in a foreign market is false?


Value depends on the suitability of the product offering to that market

Greater value translates into an ability to charge lower prices

Value depends on the nature of indigenous competition

Greater value translates into an ability to build sales volume more rapidly


14. (1)

The _____ entrant is more likely than the _____ entrant to be able to capture the first-mover advantages associated with demand preemption, scale economies and switching costs.


Small scale; large scale

Small scale; moderate scale

Large scale; small scale

Moderate scale; large scale


15. (1)

The norms and values systems that are shared among the employees of a company are referred to as



Control systems


Organizational culture


16. (1)

Regardless of a firm's domestic structure, its international division tends to be organized on







17. (1)

The main problem with this structure is the limited voice it gives to area or country managers, since it makes them subservient to product division managers.


Worldwide product divisional structure

Worldwide area structure

International structure

Global matrix structure


18. (1)

Due to the high level of interdependence, the costs of controlling _____ firms are higher than the costs of controlling firms that pursue other strategies.







19. (1)

_____ can be defined as the rate of return that the firm makes on its invested capital, which is calculated by dividing the net profits of the firm by total invested capital.




Cash flow



20. (1)

Which of the following statements is not true?


The way to increase the profitability of a firm is to create more value

The amount of value a firm creates is measured by the difference between its costs of production and the value that consumers perceive in its products

The more value customers place on a firm's products, the lower the price the firm is able to charge for those products

The price a firm charges for a good or service is typically less than the value the customer places on that good or service


21. (1)

The _____ activities are basically concerned with creating the product, marketing and delivering the product to buyers and providing support and after-sales service.







22. (1)

Which of the following is an adverse effect of the integration of international capital market facilitated by technology?


"Shocks" that occur in one financial center now spread around the globe very quickly

Due to advances in communications and data processing technology, the international capital market never sleeps

Shocks in national financial markets have extensive long-term impact on other markets due to high correlation between movements in national equity markets

The real cost of recording, transmitting and processing information has gone up by 95 percent between 1964 and 1990


23. (1)

According to Harvard economist Martin Feldstein _____ supports long-term cross-border capital flows.


Hot money

Patient money

Short-term capital

Investment capital


24. (1)

The risks that arise from volatile changes in exchange rates are known as


Interest rate risks

Basis risks

Operational risks

Foreign exchange risks


25. (1)

The simultaneous purchase and sale of a given amount of foreign exchange for two different value dates is referred to as a


Fiscal barter

Liquid trade

Currency exchange

Currency swap


26. (1)

A(n) _____ involves the free flow of products and factors of production between member countries and the adoption of a common external trade policy, along with a common currency, harmonization of members' tax rates and a common monetary and fiscal policy.


Free trade area

Economic union

Common market

Customs union


27. (1)

MERCOSUR originated as a(n) _____ between Brazil and Argentina in1988.


Open market

Free trade pact

Customs union

Free trade zone


28. (1)

According to Alexander Yeats,


The trade diversion effects of MERCOSUR outweigh its trade creation effects

The fastest growing items in intra-MERCOSUR trade were capital-intensive goods produced efficiently in the member countries

MERCOSUR countries will be able to compete globally once the group's external trade barriers come down

Countries with more efficient manufacturing enterprises are getting a level playing field because of MERCOSUR's reduction in trade barriers


29. (1)

If General Electric, a U.S. based corporation, purchased a 50% interest in a company in Italy, that purchase would be an example of a(n)


Minority acquisition

Outright stake

Majority acquisition

Greenfield investment


30. (1)

According to the internalization theory, all of the following are drawbacks of licensing as a strategy for exploiting foreign market opportunities, except


Licensing does not grant control over manufacturing, marketing and to a licensee in return for a royalty fee

Licensing may result in a firm's giving away its know-how to a potential foreign competitor

Licensing does not give the firm the tight control over manufacturing, marketing and strategy that may be required to profitably exploit its advantage

A firms capabilities such as the management, marketing and manufacturing are often not amenable to licensing


31. (1)

The _____ suggests that a firm will establish production facilities where foreign assets or resource endowments that are important to the firm are located.


Product life cycle

Strategic behavior theory

Multipoint competition theory

Eclectic paradigm


32. (1)

According to the _____ view of FDI, MNEs extract profits from the host country and take them to their home country, giving nothing of value to the host country in exchange.




Free market



33. (1)

This is a direct restriction on the quantity of some good that may be imported into a country.


Specific tariff

Import quota


Ad valorem tariff


34. (1)

The _____ specifies that government agencies must give preference to American products when putting contracts for equipment out to bid unless the foreign products have a significant price advantage.


Buy America Act

Anti-Dumping Act

Helms-Burton Act

D'Amato Act


35. (1)

The product life cycle theory was developed by


Adam Smith

David Ricardo

Raymond Vernon

Eli Heckscher


36. (1)

Identify the theory that can be interpreted as justifying some limited government intervention to support the development of certain export-oriented industries.


Theory of national competitive advantage

Heckscher-Ohlin theory

Theory of comparative advantage

Theory of absolute advantage


37. (1)

The main tenet of mercantilism was that it was in a country's best interest to maintain a trade







38. (1)

Child labor is permitted and widely employed in Country X. A multinational company entering Country X decides to employ minors in its subsidiary, even though it is against the multinational's home country ethics. Which of the following approaches to business ethics would justify the actions of the multinational company?


Righteous moralist

Cultural relativism

The justice theory

The rights theory


39. (1)

The notion that all economic goods and services should be distributed equally except when an unequal distribution would work to everyone's advantage was developed by


David Hume

John Rawls

Jeremy Bentham

John Stuart Mill


40. (1)

According to John Rawls,


Each person be permitted the maximum amount of basic liberty compatible with a similar liberty for others

Freedom of speech and assembly is the single most important component in a justice system

Equal basic liberty is only possible in a pure market economy

Inequalities in a justice system are not to be tolerated under any circumstance


41. (1)

An act, as simple as shaking hands when meeting new people is an example of



Symbolic behavior


Social stratification


42. (1)

A Japanese executive's ritual of presenting a business card to a foreign business executive is an example of







43. (1)

The emergence of class-consciousness in Great Britain can be attributed to


The relative lack of class mobility

A high degree of social mobility

An extreme emphasis on individualism

Most of the population perceiving itself to be middle class


44. (1)

Identify the incorrect statement pertaining to a country's political economy.


It is independent of the culture of a nation

It is a combination of interdependent political, economic and legal systems

Its various systems interact and influence each other

Its interacting systems affect the level of economic well-being


45. (1)

The benefits of doing business in a country are a function of all of the following, except


The size of the market

Its past growth

Its present wealth

Its future growth prospects


46. (1)

GATT's Uruguay Round of negotiations resulted in all of the following except that it


Further reduced trade barriers

Extended GATT to cover services as well as manufactured goods

Provided enhanced protection for patents, trademarks and copyrights

Established the International Monetary Fund


47. (1)

At the Doha Round of the WTO in late 2001


The WTO was established

GATT was extended to include services

World trade volume increased

An agenda was established to phase out subsidies to agricultural producers


48. (1)

Many of the world's poorer nations suffering from economic stagnation are being held back by


Large debt burdens

Strong protection of property rights

Economic policies that create wealth

Decreased barriers to free trade

Expert:  Josie-Mod replied 5 years ago.

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