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Have a 2009 Road King Classic with ETC. On occasion the

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Have a 2009 Road King Classic with ETC. On occasion the engine light will come on, will lose power and throttle is ineffective. After turning ignition on and off several times, the system will reset. My question is, can the sensors in the ETC be checked with a diagnostic analyzer when the engine is not having a problem. And which is the most likely sensor to fail first.

If the check engine light came on there should be a stored code. I have seen instances where it does like yours and a code is not present.

This system uses two throttle position sensors at the throttle body when there is no input from both it goes into idle mode where turning the throttle has no effect. IF only one fails you get a limited throttle.

In your case where both fail and an ignition cycle resets it's either an ecm, software or electrical wiring issue.

The dealer can test these sensors and the wiring with no codes present.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Thank You, you don't happen to have a ballpark figure on price for the throttle position sensors, do you?

You're welcome, the aftermarket ones run around 35.00 OEM will be slightly higher.

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