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Jeff Policky, Motorcycle Mechanic
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August 10, 2016, 6:13pm. I have a Suzuki GWR 250, which

Customer Question

August 10, 2016, 6:13pm. I have a Suzuki GWR 250, which resembles the 650 Galdius. I bought it foir commuting my 13 mile commute to Ballard and back to shoreline Washington. The Chain came off at the speed of 25 mph and cut the left side frame arm which holds the rear tire in place. Triumph of Seattle purchase Suzuki. They claim they cannot weld the frame and thus would have replace the entie frame which holds the front and rear tires and the engine. Their high bid was $3500.0 and low bid was at $1800.0 ... I paid for the Motorcylce $3600.00 brand new. Thus their bid seems high.// Secondly I showed the motorcycle to my neighbor who has building aluminum boats for over 30 years- he is an expert at welding. He claims that Suzuki cannot warrantee the Reapair- owing to the location of the cracked are which holds the rear tire. He believe that is why Triumph gave you a high bid. The low bid would be without warrantee. I believe that I should not have to pay for a manufacturing defect. Thus cAn you fix my motorcylcle and send the manufacturer the bill which Suzuki would be glad to pay you, I will pay for the new chain and new sprockets- Isn't that Fair? Or am I - cow dung- out of luck? Or is Suzuki like a mean Bus Driver who does not cAre if Riders are jay walking to catch their bus- and they take off anyway? I assume Suzuki would be glad to remedy this situation? Tell me what you would do? Should I get an attorney and sure Suzuki and receive my settlement 20 years from now. I am over 50 years old. You tell me what you would do?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 11 months ago.

Hi and thank you for your question. This is certainly an ugly situation. I am going to discuss this with you being empathetic to your plight but share some insight as to where the manufacturer is coming from. First, in listening to what you shared, I wanted to hear what the root cause of the problem was. Based on the statement that the chain came off created the problem. Then my question became "Why did the chain come off?" It is certainly not normal to have a chain come off. When a chain comes off, it is typically either from human error or abuse and neglect. I am not trying to be harsh here, just objective. Since you said that you would replace the chain and sprockets a your expense if Suzuki would replace the frame free of charge to you. This tells me that you have reason to believe that the condition of the chain and sprockets contributed, at the least, if not caused the problem. If you even suspect that the chain and sprockets had some culpability in the failure, i do too and am reasonably confident factory Suzuki would come to the same conclusion. It is not that they have no interest in maintaining good customer relations but manufacturers must make decisions based on facts, not emotions. Sadly, this sounds like the cause of the problem is a lack of maintenance and not a defect. I suspect that the chain and seeds so worn they should have been replaced before this happened.Suzuki also looks at the reality that defects in materials or manufacturing do not typically take 6 years to show up. Paraphrasing what you said, the chain came off and cut through the frame. That makes it sound like there is nothing the manufacturer could have or should have done differently to prevent the failure. A warranty covers items they are responsible for, and maintenance and upkeep is not their responsibility. That is squarely on the owner of the motorcycle. Hopefully you can understand where they are coming from, even though I can't speak for them, having been a manufacturer rep myself and knowing other manufacturers service reps, it is common that they cover what they are responsible for and do not typically spend money to fix problems they could not have prevented. It sounds like that in your case. I do apologize for having to be the bearer of bad news but in my opinion you do not have much of a case. As far as he cost of repairs, I am confused. The same shop gave you 2 different prices? That in itself is odd. If they are quoting you to replace the frame with a new one from Suzuki the price shouldn't change. Suzuki does not discount the frame to the dealer by not warrantying the part. The dealer can tell you what the manufacturer warranty is on the frame, but it will still not include labor to replace it if it fails. Off the cuff I would expect flat rate labor to be around 8 hours to do a frame replacement on your bike. Suzuki will not warranty a repair by welding because the quality of that repair is out of their hands. The only way they can be sure your bike is as safe as possible is to recommend replacing the frame with a new one. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask .


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Thank you for your reply. I understand that suzuki would want me to call harley michael o.
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 11 months ago.


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