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It's been a while since I got in here to reply. I still

Customer Question

It's been a while since I got in here to reply. I still have not been able to crank my bike even after replacing the stator and pickup coil. Not sure what else can be checked. It doesn't appear to want to spark at all. Replacing parts seems to have no effect.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 1 year ago.

HI and thank you for your question.

It sounds like I am coming in on the middle of your diagnostic process.

From what you said, you have a CB250 that has no spark. You installed a stator and pick up coil and it still doesn't spark.

Have you done any other diagnostic work, or replaced any other parts?

Please do not take this the wrong way but Honda is one of the few motorcycles that will crank with the engine stop switch in the off position. Since it will do that, there could be a problem in the engine stop switch too.

Is this a problem that just popped up all of a sudden?

Have you owned the bike for awhile?

Any and all additional details would be extremely beneficial in honing in on the problem of no spark on your bike.



Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for your initial response.This new question has in fact come in the middle of a previous diagnostic. I was in the middle of a cross country move so was unable to continue with the other tech.
The replacement of the stator/pickup coils was the last thing the previous tech thought might be not working correct.
Here is the original post that explains a lot more;
Ok so I am at my wits end with this thing. At this point my 1997 Honda CB250 Knighthawk has been parked for almost 2 years now due to not starting. I've had several mechanic friends look at it and nobody can figure out whats going on. For reference, I initially bought this bike with hopes of gettingsomething bigger once i was familiar with riding. The bikes original owner was attempting to make a bobber out of it. Chopped the pipes under foot pedals, removed fenders and ferrings, terrible job stiff tailing, among some other things. As my Harley owning brother says, I have as skeleton a bike as you can get really.Now to the issue at hand. NO SPARK!!!!! for the life of me and anyone who tries I can not get this bike to spark. Ive been down all the troubleshooting I can figure out and still nothing.
This bike drove hard and strong for me for over 2 years. While riding down the highway one day the engine just sputtered out and quit. I figured low fuel so switched to RES and it still didnt help it stay running. I was able to coast it to a covered parking area and began trying to figure out what happened. Couldn't get it started and it was late so i got a ride home. Went back with a motorcycle buddy of mine and he suggested pop starting it. Did not work. Got it loaded up and took home. I had at random points in time had issues starting the bike but always got it to work after jiggling the starter solenoid. (sometimes only a clicking could be heard with no starter turn over) Been so long i cant remember exactly what i did but I eventually got her to fire back up. Its at that point I realized I had much bigger issues than no crank. My bike had a horrendous knocking coming from the top of the cylinder block. Like steel balls bouncing around or something. The cost of taking it to a shop to repair (over $1200 quoted) and my limited engine experience led me to decide to purchase another engine for the bike. I found one for a good price($500) that was guaranteed to be in running condition. Great i thought! I'll just do a motor swap and be back on the road. Boy was I wrong. Different engine and now no spark. Up until a few days ago I could never find anyone with a similar bike or problem to walk me through the technical aspects of testing the electrical system like coil resistance and CDI, stator, R/R electrical testing.
Through process of elimination and some decent prices for the parts I did what some say not to and I started throwing money at parts to see what would fix the problem.
I started with the usual, Battery, plugs, wires, boots and coils. Still no spark so i moved up the chain. New CDI box. Still no spark. While getting some other parts I found a guy with a parted out bike with some parts for cheap so i picked up the rectifier/regulator and wiring harness, just in case. Swapping known good parts around the system, STILL NO SPARK!!!!
I was unaware until recently just what the stater was actually for. Had heard the term before but figured the motor i bought was said to be a running motor, what are the chances of a bad stater in both engines i wondered.
I've looked around and cant find tech specs for testing the coils, CDI and stater for this bike. I just cant for the life of me figure out what is going on.For a shorter version of this story - New(used) motor, new battery, new Ignition coils/wires/boots/plugs, New CDI, new(used) rectifier/regulator, new(used) wire harness.... NO SPARK, PLEASE HELP!! (At this point i have also added a new stator/pickup coil)What can I test, replace to fix this? I'm about to move across the country so i cant really put this in a repair shop but i currently have a great shop to do the work myself. just need to know where else i should be looking or how to diagnose the system.
I went through several things testing with a previous tech but nothing he had me test came up to the same readings he was expecting. Not sure if it was something i've done wrong or maybe mixed up his end. The bike ran before parked. previous engine had a tick was the only reason for changing it. ever since then i have not been able to crank it.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
In regards ***** ***** stop switch. This bike does not even try to turn over when the switch is in the off position.
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for all of that information.

Of the components you replaced, which are used components? I am always worried about used electrical components because you usually cannot visually see they are damaged and non functional.

Also, what country was this bike imported into? The US model,(where I am) does not list any sort of fairings on it. This could be a problem because I only have access to US Honda service information. The fact that your bike doesn't crank with the engine stop switch off makes me wonder what they have done differently on your bike. I did also notice they use a different stator for the CB and the CMX. If that was not a new part, it could potentially be an issue as well.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The used components were the CDI, rectifier, and wiring harness. I bought these from a parted out bike that i was told was a fully running machine. I have all the original parts as well as i am not sure that anything is wrong with them. ( I started buying parts just to see what might make it work)Originally, as stated in the above description, I was driving down the road when the bike quit. After getting it started again, it had a severe knock in the engine. Servicing that issue was going to very expensive i was told so i bought another engine online that was supposed to have come from a running bike. Since then i have not been able to get a spark. at that point, everything else was still original electrical wise. It sat so long before the engine swap that the battery died so i bought another. I also have three sets of new ignition coils ive been trying. I bought the used CDI and rectifiers thinking maybe they were bad but i still get the same symptoms even with those. replaced wiring harness thinking maybe that could be an issue but every test i run seems to show a working harness but still not sparking. After going through some electrical testing, another mechanic on this site was leaning towards the readings showing the stator/pickup coils not working correct. given the age of the motor i figured it was entirely possible. so i replaced those with new parts. Still same problem of not getting a spark to the plugs.I am also currently in the US and not sure this bike was ever outside the country. The stator i ordered was indeed for the CB model that i have. exact replacement to the original.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not sure if this will help at all but this is the weblink to my original question :
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for the additional information. This question is severely undervalued. From what you have tried and what it is going to take to sort through all of this is going to be extremely time consuming. You referenced fairings which I do not see on the US parts diagram, and said it will not crank with the stop switch turned off. Neither of those make any sense. I will say that you need a peak reading volt meter to be able to test the ignition system components properly. At this point all I can do for you is essentially read the service manual and re-type what it says here. I don't want to come off sounding like a jerk but this is easily well over an hour's worth of work between relaying the information to you, answering questions and interpreting the results and advising the resolution. If you are willing to repost the question to me at a reasonable rate, we can move forward.

Thank you,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your response. I already have the service manual so I wouldn't need anything typed up from it. Just referenced. As for the reposting the question, I have already paid for this question as well as three months of subscription fees trying to get this answered. At this point in time, i believe I've paid more than I should have to still have an unresolved issue.