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I recently purchased an 09 LifanZ50 clone.It only has 149 mi.

Customer Question

I recently purchased an 09 LifanZ50 clone.It only has 149 mi. but it was a Shriner parade bike and they prolly only used first gear.After a little riding by me it became hard to shift or find neutral.I have owned a 110 and a 125 so I understand they adjustment drill.Adjusted it and seemed fine for about 15 mins. then started up the same symptoms.I have adjusted the clutch numerous times and will go in first with more force than I think necessary.If I shift all the way to third all I have is second and third,another adjustment I can get neutral and first but if I go to third same drill.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  HHP_Honda_Expert replied 1 year ago.
Hi it sounds to me like symptoms of a bent shift fork.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
That info exactly came up in a Google search.I am a licensed mechanic for the "big 4" and HD seems unlikely to me
Expert:  HHP_Honda_Expert replied 1 year ago.
Hi your reply has me a bit confused. What does "and HD seems unlikely to me"
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
HD is Harley Davidson and a bent shift fork seems unlikely as the problem is intermintant saw exactly the same answer in a Google search I mean exactly.I was looking for a Lifan "expert" or someone familiar with China bikes not Hondas
Expert:  HHP_Honda_Expert replied 1 year ago.
I have personally owned several of the lifan 50's and worked on plenty. Also they are honda clones and use a mix and match of many different parts from different models over the years. I don't know why you are judging me based on my specialty for Honda. I am a licensed Honda mechanic and franchise owner for 20+years. Since you are a big4 mechanic why are you asking me to diagnose this?
You said "more force than I think necessary.If I shift all the way to third all I have is second and third,"
This is generally a classic symptom of a bent shift fork. But it could be numerous other contributing factors.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I understand your question why do I need help.The answer is really simple.Being an owner you probably understand the psychology of wrenches or quirkiness,lol.I felt my talents were wasted on tiny motors and always found something else to do if my number was up to work on one and the service manager liked me.So I really don't have a good understanding of the autoclutch.other than I don't like them.The reason I questioning of the bent fork I have been able to adjust around it and everything was fine for a while then for whatever reason it changed and back to readjusting.Hope that makes sense.Plus not sure if I can buy gaskets and a fork for the Lifan as I said it only has less than 200 miles but know it is certainly possible to bend a fork made of Chinese mystery metal.Do you know if parts are available?Sorry didn't mean to insult you wasn't personal.Thanks
Expert:  HHP_Honda_Expert replied 1 year ago.
Hi sorry for taking a long time to get back with you.
Thanks for working with me through a rocky start.
Yes lifan parts are available from numerous places, one of my favorite is Beatrice Cycle also known as Dr ATV
They explain about the differences between models very well and lots of information.
I'll be glad to help more if you need it.

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