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Kenny O.
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Harley dealership cross thread my transmission and oil on my

Customer Question

Harley dealership cross thread my transmission and oil on my new 2014 softtail. they put in a hydrocoil. which is leaking, now they are going to rebuild my transmission, do they need cluster bearings?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Kenny O. replied 1 year ago.
Hi Pamela my name is ***** ***** off I would caution you if the dealerships service department cross threaded a drain plug and then attempted to repair with a simple procedure as putting in a "hydrocoil" I think you meant to say "heli-coil" I don't think that I would let them touch my transmission.But answer to your question, I would says that the standard rule of thumb is, if the bearings are pressed in and or needle bearings should always be replaced, rather then run the risk of removing them and damaging then, its better just to replace especially when the case is being replaced, I always replaced bearings as they are fairly inexpensive.Now getting back to the repair, I have installed many heli-coils and Time-serts, unless they cracked the case or really damaged it with there attempt to install the thread repair. My thoughts on inserts as they are a Great fix if installed correctly, in aluminum I believe that is a stronger hold then the aluminum.So if they used a heli-coil and if the cases are still OK other then the threads there is also the option to use a time sert, the outside diameter is slightly larger then a heli-coil diameter and you can usually go to that with the same results if installed correctly.I would maybe push them on that repair, not knowing exactly what they did and what happened would obviously depend on that, if you could get me some pictures and post them up I would give you my professional opinion on what might be best for you ? I have performed some really difficult tread repairs from motorcycles to cars including installing a time sert on a friends wife's Lexus saving him about $5000 what the shop wanted to charge. Let me know if you have any further questions or concerns ? Thanks Pamela !Kenny