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2001 Polaris sportsman 500 ho. Bogs down when more then half

Customer Question

2001 Polaris sportsman 500 ho. Bogs down when more then half throttle. Carb has been off and cleaned. And a rebuild kits has been installed. Air screw is at 2-1/2 turns factory spec according to book. Idles great takes gas great in neutral. Runs like a champ with the air box lid off. New fuel filter new fuel valve,pump is working. New air filter as well. I have played with the clip setting on the needle it is currently 2nd from top. I've had it set in 3rd as well. No change. Choke works as it should. I've noticed that the main jet that came with my rebuild kit is a 155 and factory is a 152.5. Pilot jet is 40 which is correct according to book. New spark plug.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  brian winther replied 1 year ago.
sounds like its not getting enough air. When you remove the airbox lid it runs better? is that with or without the air filter? I see that you said its a new air filter, perhaps over oiled. Is it bogging out completely or hesitating and cleaning up after a second or two?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
With air filter installed. I've tried 2 different air filters. If I go full throttle from a dead stop it just bogs out completely. If I'm cruising along and ease into it it seams like it clears up and will slowly take the gas. But the throttle response and acceleration seams so much better and quicker with the lid removed. The air lid intake is clear and not being blocked at all
Expert:  brian winther replied 1 year ago.
If the airway isnt restricted I would recommend cleaning the carburetor again. there are several passages inside the carb and all of them need to be clear. I would also recommend putting the 152.5 main jet back in it. spray carb cleaner through the jet and make sure it is clear. varnish in the emulsion tube can cause an air blockage which could create a rich condition hope this helps. good luck!!

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