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Kenny O.
Kenny O., Motorcycle, ATV, Mules, Side by Side's Product Specialist. All Brands
Category: Motorcycle
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2007 Arctic Cat 400 4x4, motor starts and idles beautifully.

Customer Question

2007 Arctic Cat 400 4x4, motor starts and idles beautifully. When I put it under load, it caughs and sputters at 6 miles an hour.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Kenny O. replied 1 year ago.

Hi Craig, my name is ***** ***** questions ?

Has this unit been sitting for any amount time prior to using it here ?

If so how long ?

And do you have current hours or miles on the unit ?

And what is the current temperature that the unit is being operated in ?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Not sitting. 1750 miles. Michigan weather. Been 30 degrees working to get it running right for trip to northern Michigan next week. Heated garage
Expert:  Kenny O. replied 1 year ago.

So the unit has been used on a regular basis, reason I ask that is fuel these days in cases has a shelf life of about 30 days, the FIS models are carbureted with electric choke, if the unit is warmed up and it still exhibits this runnibility issue then I would suspect that the carburetor has an issue with clogged low speed jet, this carb I believe also utilizes a accelerator pump for low speed acceleration, those will clog easy also. You can try an additive that I have found that actually works OK on carbs that are just starting to act up. You will find it at Home Depot in the lawn mower area its called "Mechanic in a Bottle" follow the direction for the extreme case and just make sure that you run it enough to get it in the float bowl, its a good idea to drain the float bowl first, that will insure to get an idea if contaminates are an issue and or stale fuel in the carb, use a white cloth or paper towel to drain it into to verify what comes out.

If no results from this then likely you will need to professionally clean the carburetor, this is a good place to start, and based on your explanation I would start here.

Let me know of you have any further questions, if so please reply and I will be glad to answer.

Thanks Craig


Expert:  Kenny O. replied 1 year ago.

Hi Craig this is just a follow up on your question, if more help is needed please reply back and we can continue and further diagnosing your problem, if satisfied with my help, please accept as I can get credited for helping you. Thanks again for using Just Answer, if help is need in the future, you can request my assistance and will be glad to help.



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