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I have a 1993 Harley FXR, I recently went on a ride and when

Customer Question

I have a 1993 Harley FXR, I recently went on a ride and when I got about a mile away from my house the engine quit without warning, I pushed the bike back home and did some preliminary testing, I turned the ignition key on and a few seconds later smoke was pouring from the nose cone of the engine where the electronic ignition is located, that fried the module and it also burned my headlight bulb out. The bike starts and runs fine while it's sitting in the garage, but as soon as you try to ride it, the bike quits. This is the second time this has happened, any ideas?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Bike-Doc replied 1 year ago.

Hi Jim
Welcome to JustAnswer

My name is***** am a professional here at
I noticed that your question has not received a response yet and thought I would see if you still want the problem diagnosed.
I apologize for the delay and hope I can assist you with your question.

Do you still want help with this problem?

If so, am I right in gathering that the CDI has burnt out causing other damage, & that this has happened twice randomly?

Have any electrics mods been made


Ride Safe


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
that is correct, the first time it happened there was a dark brown liquid oozing out of the electronic ignition module, and burning out the headlight at the same time. The module was fried, and I replaced it with a new one, the same thing happened the second time, the turn signals, brake lights, dash lights all still work, and the engine starter still turns over, but of coarse there is no spark with the module being fried. There have been no electrical mods done to the bike. This really has me stumped, the only thing I can think of is that there is some kind of short, but as of yet I have not found any obvious problems! Thanks.
Expert:  Bike-Doc replied 1 year ago.

Yes it does sound like a short & they can be a right pain to find

The most common place for that sort of thing to happen is where the the loom goes round / past the handlebars as this is where the wiring moves the most

Otherwise check under the tank or anywhere else the wiring could be pinched

Does she quit when you first sit down? or as you release the clutch?

Had any work been carried out just prior to this happening?

Sorry to have to ask what may seem like stupid questions, but it is obviously difficult diagnosing problems remotely, I cannot hear, see, touch or smell anything so I have only what a customer tells me to make a correct diagnosis.
Also I dont know how proficient a customer is or what they may have done already. So I need to ask stuff which may seem obvious or unrelated

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