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I have a Suzuki GSX 750 year 2000. I had a problem with the

Customer Question

I have a Suzuki GSX 750 year 2000 . I had a problem with the starter switch not making contact. I carefully bared the two wires the went to the starter switch connected two wires to them used insulating tape and when I touched them it started. This lasted a couple of rides then it would not start. I have 12.7 volts on the battery terminals but only 6.8 on the bared wires to the starter switch. Fuse is good. Is it a short in the wire that is causing the voltage drop or is it something else??
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Richard replied 1 year ago.

You should jump the starter relay with a remote smith or home made tool to jump the contacts, to make sure the starter and engine spin nice and freely. Then you should make sure you have a good ground to switch side of starter relay and a good positive when when you press the start switch. If not, you need to check the wiring from the starter relay back to the starter switch. The starter switch could be the culprit, unless you have completely bypassed it.

Additional info - The battery should be load tested. At the minimum you should test it with a multi-meter. Voltage with key out of bike would be 12.5 or higher 9 If not recharge battery ) and not fall below 9.5 volts using a multi-meter.