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yamsuzpolaris, Motorcycle Mechanic
Category: Motorcycle
Satisfied Customers: 156
Experience:  service technician on yamaha suzuki polaris products since early 70's. currently own and manage deal
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I'm having problems changing gears on my polaris sportsman

Customer Question

I'm having problems changing gears on my polaris sportsman twin 700 when the engine is running. When I turn it off, it changes easily.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 1 year ago.

what is happening is that the belt is engaging partially and even though the vehicle may not move forward, it is putting a dragging pressure on the transmission gears sort of "loading" them so they cannot move freely to select different gears or pull into neutral. first possibility is that idle rpm is too high. try to reduce idle speed just a little. that may be enough to remove pressure off the gears. if that doesn't work, then have to open up the clutch housing cover to see the belt and clutches. here it gets a bit more involved. possibilities include not enough belt free play or deflection which is changed by adding or removing shims in the secondary clutch. adding a shim widens the pulleys which allows the belt to fit in a bit deeper and hense more freeplay. possible the primary clutch is binding slightly and not fully disengage the belt at idle speed. special clutch puller bolt is required to remove the clutch from the engine. the secondary can be worked on but most often it takes 2 people to hold spring pressure down while removing the large circlip and there is also a preset loading on the spring, that if not observed or set properly the clutch and vehicle wont run correctly.