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yamsuzpolaris, Motorcycle Mechanic
Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  service technician on yamaha suzuki polaris products since early 70's. currently own and manage deal
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I have a 2006 500efi polaris ranger. I have a loss of power

Customer Question

I have a 2006 500efi polaris ranger. I have a loss of power on hills. It is worse when engine is cold. Rings have been replaced and engine is in good order, Starts as normal runs ok on the flat going, but with slight stutter, but when you hit the hills it just runs out of power.
(Can you help) Regards Rob
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 2 years ago.

if engine seems to be running fine in all other conditions, such as starting, warming up, while on flat if you have good top speed, good acceleration, then problem would be in clutching. but again gotta make sure on flat ground when you floor it it revs out and reaches its normal top speed. its when going up a hill or pulling a load that the clutch must be able to down shift to allow engine rpm to increase but vehicle speed does not. what happens if the clutches are suspect is the outer clutch cover has to be removed. from there look at the belt wear and thickness. primary clutch (on the crankshaft) look at weights, and bushings and ease of movement from released position to full engagement. The secondary clutch should have ease of movement, and also have to check the secondary spring. sometimes we see things like: extreme worn belt / primary weights worn or binding / primary buishings worn / wear on the sheave faces from the belt sort of grooving into them / secondary spring broken or installed incorrectly / secondary clutch binding . Best to find online exploded diagrams of the clutches or get a shop manual. the secondary clutch removes with a bolt and then belt comes off. need a special clutch puller bolt to remove the primary clutch from the crankshaft, then special holders to remove the sliding sheave. sometimes less expensive to just replace the primary clutch as we see a couple a year just wear out.