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yamsuzpolaris, Motorcycle Mechanic
Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  service technician on yamaha suzuki polaris products since early 70's. currently own and manage deal
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I have a 2007 sportsman 700 and cluster won't come on or

Customer Question

I have a 2007 sportsman 700 and cluster won't come on or fuel pump and it won't crank. I found one fuse bad so I changed it and still have this problem.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 2 years ago.

on Polaris atv the battery voltage goes to the kill switch on left handlebar first, then if the kill switch is in the center position voltage flows thru the engine stop switch onto the ignition switch. when the ignition switch is turned on voltage flows to the entire system to energize it including the gauge and the fuel pump. You will need a voltmeter to proceed and check voltage. When the engine stop switch is in the run position and the ignition switch is turned on you should have 12 volt on the red/black wires that run from the stop switch to the ignition switch. With the key either on or off you should always have 12 volts on the yellow wire that runs from fuse block to the ignition switch. You should also have when key is turned on 12 volts at the red/white wire at the back of ignition switch and then when key is rotated to the engage starter position voltage flows in the red/white wire and then out to the starter relay on the white/red wire. I'll bet the problem is no voltage getting to the key switch at all.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK let me check and I'll get back w you.
Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 2 years ago.

to test some of this you can use a jumper wire and go directly from positive batt terminal to the red wire with black stripe at the ignition switch. everything should energize with or without key on. if by chance it doesn't then that means that the battery is not grounded to the frame or the engine block.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK so I checked power to kill switch and with key off there is none. With key on theres power on two red/blk wires at kill switch on left handle bar. So power must come from ign switch first. But w key on or off I have power on yellow at ign switch and when key is on I have power at red/blk wires and red/white wire and w switch in start I have 12v going out white/red. And batt ground to frame is good.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Any suggestions
Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 2 years ago.
at the back of the ignition switch, with the harness connected, and the ignition switch in the on position, use a paper clip and touch both the red/white stripe and the white/red stripe. the starter solenoid should click and engage the starter to crank over engine. if it does not, then check right at the solenoid for 12 volts on the white/red stripe wire. if you have voltage at the solenoid connection, then check resistance between the brown wire and ground. when the vehicle is in park or neutral the ecu puts a ground to the brown wire on the starter solenoid so when you turn key to engage starter the circuit is complete with voltage and ground. if you manually give the solenoid a ground either the solenoid must work and crank engine over or the solenoid is defective. you can also try squeeze handbrake and see if engine cranks over that way. if it does that means the gear position switch is defective. make very sure that all the brown wires in harness are all grounded to the frame. Polaris uses ecu to complete circuits by giving ground to components to make them work.
the fuel pump brown wire should be 0 ohms to ground. the red/black stripe wire should have 12 volts when key turned on. if you don't have voltage when key is on this may indicate a wire broken in the harness somewhere. whenever I work on 1 of these I use as tools a voltmeter, a few lengths of wire to use as jumper, and also a few paper clips to bypass switches. check all these and let me know results.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Jumped the two wires at ign switch and I have power to starter solenoid as I do when I turn key to start pos but still nothing. Checked ground on solenoid and there is none. If I check resistance between brown and ground of frame it says infinite. So I removed wire and provide a ground to frame and I can crank w key but no start and no fuel pump and no cluster. Try brake and park and neutral positions...brake switch is good according to ohm meter. Also fuel pump ground is good but no power on hot side.
Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 2 years ago.
if you unplug the fuel pump connector, and then turn key on you should have 12 volts on the red/black stripe wire. also make sure the brown wire reads 0 ohms to ground. if you do not have 12 volts at the fuel pump then the power relay is probably defective. check fuse in the fuse block with orange wire go to it. should have 12 volt on the wire from the fuse and this wire goes to whats called a power relay. if you have 12 volts on the power relay orng wire, the relay is not passing voltage thru it. testing of relay not available, just replace it. I can send wire diagram with all wire end locations but its a large file so I need email address to send it to. cannot attach it here.