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How do i replace the coil wire to the front gear case on a

Customer Question

How do i replace the coil wire to the front gear case on a 2004 polaris ranger 500 4X4? There are two wires: The grey one is broken off inside the housing of the gear case.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 2 years ago.

sounds like you have the late 04 model in which the wires you speak of went into the center front gear housing. the early 04 models had 2 electric front drive hubs 1 on each front wheel. on the later models there is 1 electric magnetic coil inside there which when voltage flows thru the grey wire the coil is energized which magnetizes and engages the front drive shafts. the coil is part of the right side outer housing cover and can only be purchased as unit. if the grey wire is broken off and you can't splice onto it, then looks like you either have to buy a new right side cover of the front drive housing or get a entire used front gear housing from salvage yard.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Is there any extra wire on the coil side to pull it out enough to solder a connection? If not I will have to pull the coil cover plate and that is where I can use some advice.
Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 2 years ago.

no extra wire, and the factory puts the coil inside the cover so if you try to remove it then its junk. you will have to completely remove the front gear housing after removing both drive shafts to the front wheels, possibly radiator and a few other items. then when the front gear housing is on a work bench you can remove the right side cover and replace it. simply this is just a rusty dirty knuckle buster job to get the gear housing out. from there its not difficult, but watch so nothing drops out and the inside should be very clean. might also be a good time to replace all the seals in the gear housing. make sure you have a exploded parts diagram printed to look at.