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I have a 2012 Polaris 500 Crew. I bought it new, it worked

Customer Question

I have a 2012 Polaris 500 Crew. I bought it new, it worked good until the fall of 2014 when we took out the belt. I took it to Polaris they said the buttons and the clutches were bad so Polaris replaced the buttons. In the spring of 2015 it maybe had 200 miles on since replacing buttons and we started having trouble again. Brought it back in June of 2015 and here are the comments from the dealer on my bill: removed the clutch cover for inspection, primary and secondary clutches needed repair, primary replaced weights, pins and rebuilt the spider. Secondary clutch needed ramp buttons, ramp and one bushing, the belt was o.k. I was told that the bushing might have been sliding in and out and catching. When I brought it to them it had 3355 miles on it. I brought it home on 6/13/2015 and it ran fine for first few miles and then started clicking. Sounded like clicking in the clutches again. 7/19/2015 driving down the gravel road started grinding in the backend and locked the tires up. The miles on it are 3922. Since last fall it at times will kill when you pull up to a stop sign, won't idle. This still happened after we brought it home this last time so that was never fixed. Any ideas what is going on?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Jeremy R. replied 2 years ago.
With that many miles on it I can understand the clutch work. These machines are really hard on clutches.Then depending on the drive style of the owner that can make it better or worse yet.The engine wanting to die when you come to a stop can be several things and something that would have been nice to have the dealer check out.It could be something as simple as a bad throttle position sensor. But you need the dealer computer and software to diagnose that to see if it's reading within specs.It could also be the primary clutch not opening up all the way and it still having a grip on the belt drawing the engine down.It's hard to say without testing it.If it's still trying to move at idle then it's going to be the belt/clutch. which would be an end bushing on the bolt that holds the clutch to the crankshaft.