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I have a suzuki gs850l that is spitting through the carb and

Customer Question

I have a suzuki gs850l that is spitting through the carb and has head knock in the far rith cyliner bluing the exhaust. I just changed the sparks to fix it and an oil change, no good. Is it the distributer or carburetor
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  RSRBOB replied 2 years ago.
Hi and thank you for your question.It sounds like you have 2 different issues going on here, but all related to carburetion. The first problem is a lean condition that causes the spitting back through the carbs. If the bike has been sitting for more than 30 days without being run, then the carbs will need to be cleaned. Another real possibility is that the intake manifolds are leaking and causing the mixture to lean out, and causing the backfire through the carbs. The bluing of the 4th cylinder is also carb related, but truly could be either too rich to the point the carb is dumping so much gas in the cylinder it is getting to the pipe unburned then burning in the pipe causing it to overheat and blue. The opposite would also be true, it is running so lean it is overheating and bluing as well. The easiest way to tell is to pull the spark plug and see if it is very dark or very white. Dark is rich, white is lean.The knocking is more than likely related to the carbs, either they are way out of sync or for example your #4 cylinder is dead and creating a dead spot every time it is supposed to fire. Once again, cleaning the carbs, then synchronizing them is more than likely what it will take to get them straightened out. Last but not least, if the intake manifolds show any sign of cracking, they are going to need to be replaced too. This is so common on older Suzukis it is almost guaranteed to be needed.If you have any more questions,let me know.Thanks,RSRBOB