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Need to adjust toe-in on front wheels ATV 1988 Yamaha 225 Moto

Customer Question

need to adjust toe-in on front wheels ATV 1988 Yamaha 225 Moto or step by step available
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Wayne S. replied 2 years ago.
Hi,Set tire pressure equal on both tires.Point steering straight ahead.Measure from tire center to center on the frontand the back of the tires and toe in should be 0-5 mm.Adjust toe in by loosening the tie rod nuts and tuning thetie rod to adjust. They have left hand threads on one endso just watch what is happening when adjusting.Lock the locknuts once you get the 5mm toe in.You might want to roll the machine forward and doublecheck your adjustments and if the steering is offcenter you have to turn the tie rods equal amountsin or out until the steering lines up straight.Check that your toe in stays okay after as well.It takes very little movement on the tie rods to movethe wheels alot. If you have some wear on the componentsthen set it at 5mm if not then less is acceptable.The tie rods have a flat spot to put a wrench on foradjusting. 5mm is just under one-quarter inch .20"Not too difficult just do on level ground and it shouldgo well. Replace any worn parts before hand if necessarysuch as loose tie rod etc.------- ------

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