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yamsuzpolaris, Motorcycle Mechanic
Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  service technician on yamaha suzuki polaris products since early 70's. currently own and manage deal
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My name is ***** ***** i am the owner off napa auto repair shop

Customer Question

Hi, my name is ***** ***** i am the owner off napa auto repair shop in gatineau qc canada. 2007 raptor 350. 1 weeks ago,a i starte and engine running alwright then stall. never starte back so a clean carburator air filter and new spark plug. fire up and engine was running on choke....close de choke and no response on throtle like missing gas on carburator. restart on to give gas with throtle but again if a slowly remove the choke, engine back fire and enable to give gas with throtle. engine compresion is 145psi. a remove and clean 3 time carburator and the gas valve in the tank. I am missing something...
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  yamsuzpolaris replied 2 years ago.
hello. first I would check valve clearances. at top dead center with both valves closed, check the intake valve at .003" and the exhaust at .005" . if valves are too tight or even so tight that they have clearances in effect that are so small that the vales will not fully close when the engine is running and this will give similar run problems at idle when warm. If the valves have the proper clearances, then it sounds like the idle jet (slow speed jet) in the carburetor is plugged or restricted or plugged with gas varnish. If the jet is clean it it still possible that the idle jet passages are plugged, and the only way to properly clean them is to remove everything and soak the carb body in cleaner. Here we use an ultrasonic cleaner and we put the carb body in it and that usually does the job. very rare occasion we see that carburetor is plugged in the passages and cannot be cleaned so it must be replaced. but first check valve clearances, then have someone familiar with these small carburetors look thru it and check it, then lastly replace the carburetor.