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I have an 07 Ultra Classic Electra Glide. It started throwing

Customer Question

I have an 07 Ultra Classic Electra Glide. It started throwing codes whe n it just started getting hot, I went through the proceedures for clearing the error code "Bus Error" which was it needed a new Tach. THen I rode it every day for about a week and the it just stop starting one day while I was out riding it. Come to find out it pullked another error code which was 0373 which is the one for the crank sensor. I must interject here that I am no longer doing the work myself but it is at a local cycle shop. They replaced the crank sensor and now the bike starts runs as long as yoiu want it to but whe you stop and you attempt to immediate restart it cranks and acts as though it is out of time ut does not start. A chdeck for error codes comes back as a negitive (no codes listed). Mechanic said that he felt the spark plug wires and they felt hotter than normal show he changed those out and put in a new coil. Neither of these to attempts to repair fixed the problem. He says that it runs fine on intial start, runs fine, but if turned off while it is hot , it does not start and has the same symptoms as stated above. He is not charging me labor for he didn't/couldn't fix the problem and he doesn't want to troubleshoot it neither. So now it is my problem again, I was wondering if maybe I should check the fuel filters, replace MAP sensor in that order and check after each if that fixes the problem? Any other ideas for me?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  P.J. replied 2 years ago.
In 12 years I've never seen a bad coil so I'm doubting that was/is your issue. Plug wires do have issues with breaking down and increasing resistance over time so it may have been a necessary replacement but I also would no suspect they are the source of your problem. Does the bike have a Power Commander or other tuner installed? If so, first remove it before doing any further diagnosis. The Power Commander's power was mistakenly wired to the fuel pump circuit on several years of bikes and will cause your issue. ECM plug and terminal issues are also very common with any type of inline tuner that is installed. Terminal fretting was actually called out by HD in an official technical service bulletin as causing issues such as yours. This could be the case but it is very hard to determine. It takes a magnifier and a pretty good set of eyes to go through each plug pin to find it. The '07's did have common sensor issues. The MAP sensor and the Engine Temperature sensors were both problematic. The problems were typically not hard/no starting though. Neither sensor's issue would typically cause a trouble code to be set. A fuel pressure check would be a great first step. You need to know 3 pressures. When fuel pump builds initial pressure you should see 60psi, when running it should maintain 60psi at all RPMs, and when shut off it should hold 55psi or so for a few minutes. A more common starting issue is a failing Idle Air Control motor. The IAC port and motor supply 100% of your starting and idling air and the bike will not start if the motor fails to retract the plunger. A quick way to diagnose this is by very slightly cracking the throttle during cranking to see if the bike starts reliably. By cracking the throttle you are allowing air in around the throttle plate. If this seems to "fix" the problem I'd replace the IAC motor. I hope this helps. Thanks, P.J.

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