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Wayne S., Motorcycle Mechanic
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I have an old Eton 4 wheeler that needs a lot of help. It

Customer Question

I have an old Eton 4 wheeler that needs a lot of help. It is yellow and was last licensed in 2003. Other that that I can't see any other identifying markings. The yellow plastic body is pretty badly broken up and the real wheels are locked tight. Is it worth trying to fix?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Wayne S. replied 2 years ago.


Some people have done okay with ETONs quads.
Do you know what engine it has and if it runs?
I can check the vin to find the model if you want.
They are made in Taiwan I believe.
It might be worth fixing if the repair
is not too much. Parts are usually pretty
cheap for these bikes and most are available.
Can you tell if the brakes are just seized
or maybe rust is locking it up.