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I have a 2007 predator 500.I adjusted valves ,shimmed..allianed

Customer Question

I have a 2007 predator 500.I adjusted valves ,shimmed..allianed upper intake and exhaust properly..intake 12-9 o clock..and exhaust at 1 and 10 o clock..MY chain is very tight like no play at tensioner seems to be working.I retracted before putting in with screw driver it went in about 3/4 way then I tightened down the two bolts holding the tensioner .then turned screw driver opposite direction ..The only thing I did notice is there was no o ring on tentioner..could this be making my chain too tight? How much slack should be felt at top of chain between both cam sprockrts ?? What will happen if chain is too tight??
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I started quad up let it warm up and took it around block then haven't done nothing since then..I was being very cautious after adjusting shims/valves..I didn't go over 10 mph.also chain did move on main lower gear so I did take off outer sprocket to get to the inner sprocket to alliagn the discolored chain link with its corresponding timing mark..then I set two top sprockets at proper timing marks...the motor was at TDC reading through hole alliagning mark next to the T...
Expert:  Wayne S. replied 2 years ago.


The chain has to be pretty tight to prevent slipping
on the sprockets.
If you got the tensioner retracted properly
and released again then the tension should be correct.
The chain should not be loose at all.
If you pulled the gear off or did anything
to create more slack the tensioner would immediately
take up that slack as it auto adjusts.
If the chain is tight that is normal as long
as the engine sounds normal as well.
Do you need other info?