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I havwe a 2012 polaris 800 ranger. The power steering does

Customer Question

I havwe a 2012 polaris 800 ranger. The power steering does not work and I have a light on my dash showing it is non operable..... Now what ---- I read the manual and it says check the fuse I can't find it.... supposedly there is a 30 amp in line fuse somewhere
and then it says flash it what do they mean across the battery --- across certain wires / connections...... and then some guy says reset it by running 3/4 throttle for 15 minutes ----- ????? Where is the fuse ---- How to I flash the system?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Wayne S. replied 2 years ago.
The fuses should be located under the middle or passenger
seat. If you look to the left and down a bit
you should see the power steering fuse in the wiring there.
There might also be a power steering relay in the relay/fuse box.
Should be on the top right.
As far as anything else like reprogramming the power steering
software that has to be done by a dealer.
They hook up the digital wrench machine and they re-flash
the EPS ROM with a software upgrade possibly.
The new software might be improved and might get things
going again. If not it might a faulty system and need
parts replaced.
You could try a battery disconnect for an hour and see if
the computers reset themselves. Otherwise just
check the fuses for power flow and possibly a relay swap.