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Experience:  20 yrs. experience as motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, UTV and watercraft technician.
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2005 Yamaha XVS650AT V Star Classic. Sat 18 mos.

Customer Question

2005 Yamaha XVS650AT V Star Classic. Sat for about 18 mos. 9.5kmiles. Removed carb bowels, both pilot and main jet clogged in each carb. Cleaned, re-assembled. If I try to start the bike with the choke/enrichener pulled out, bike will start, run few seconds, quit. Heavy smell of gas. If I start with choke off and feather throttle, bike starts, idles.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Christopher replied 2 years ago.
You were on the right track by removing the carbs and jets, however, after sitting for that amount of time, the mixture screws will also need to removed and the carb bodies and jets soaked in a quality carb cleaning solution. This will break down any debris in the carbs passageways fuel uses to travel into the engine. Yamaha sells a great carb cleaner for this purpose.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I was looking for more specific info on the what Yamaha calls the starter set(p/n 4DN-1410A-01-00) and what I call the enrichener. The jets were removed and soaked overnite and are ok. I understand removing and cleaning the mixture screws and removing carbs to soak and clean the bodies. As I stated if the enrichener is not utilized the bike will start, idle just fine, and run normally. Is there something in one of the fuel passages that would cause the enrichener to act this way?
Expert:  Christopher replied 2 years ago.
When the choke is on, another passageway is opened, this compensates for any blockage in the low speed / mixture circuit. The issues you are experiencing are all due to a blocked circuit. We could analyze exactly why its running like it is, however in the end, you will need to get those carbs completely cleaned out.

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