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94 suzuki intruder 1400

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94 suzuki intruder 1400-has hard time downshifting-feels like it needs to go just a hair further down when I shift-installed a new clutch pack with new bolts and springs-bled the clutch master cylinder alot-problem is still there with downshifting-also it jumps forward a little when I shift from neutral to first but the bike doesn't bog down-the return spring is not broke-the gearshift pedal could go down alot farther (not binding)-when I put a pair of pliers on the gear shift shaft to see if it would turn a hair farther it wouldn't-I haven't forced anything and I drive carefully as to I am an older guy-I have 32,901.1 miles on it-oil has been changed regularly at around 1000 miles which is usually 2 to 3 times a summer-any suggestions as to what to do? It seems that dealers would rather not work on older motorcycles only newer ones so I am on my own -please help me out -thank you so much-Shaun    I also soaked the clutch plates in oil for 24 hours before assembling them.

This could mean one of a couple things. Either there is something wrong with your shift mechanism, or there is something wrong internally with the shift forks or shift drum. The shift mechanism is a series of mechanical workings that your gear shifter turns. The gear shift lever turns the shift shaft, the shift shaft enters into the motor behind that smaller engine cover. On that shift shaft is a partial gear that turns a ratcheting plate system that turns the shift drum. So the problem could be some debris with the partial gear on the end of the shift shaft causing it to not turn all the way, or something with the ratcheting workings, or shift detent roller. These are all accessible with the motor still installed, but will require removing that shift shaft cover to inspect its workings. If the issue is not found there then the problem is either a shift drum that has broken, or a bent shift fork. these are only accessed by a complete motor disassemble. So you will need to inspect that shift mechanism area first to find any faulty workings there first. I will say however with the bike jumping out of gear does indicate a bent shift fork or shift drum breakage, but again i would inspect that shift mechanism area before assuming anything. Keep in mind when shifting through gears on inspection, that you will want to find a way to rotate the rear wheel to allow for gears to mesh, otherwise it may not shift completely into each gear without the engine running.
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