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Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  MMI grad. 7 years experience in Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, as service manager and tech.
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hi i have a 2005 honda rancher 350 es it wont shift at all

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hi i have a 2005 honda rancher 350 es it wont shift at all it will shift manually i have replaced the tilt sensor and the ecu what else could cause this ??
does the gear indicator flash any kind of pattern when trying to shidt?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

the indicator display stopped working about two years ago at that time it was unpluged was runing fine till 3 days ago

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

anyinfo ?

ok, i will say that it would be nice to know what the display is saying however, it seems you replaced alot of parts that would normally contribute to this. this would only lead to one of a few components. the speed sensor, shift control motor, shift reduction gears, in some very very very rare cases the throttle position sensor. i heavily suspect the shift motor at this point for a few reasons. the speed sensor will usually only stop the shifting after you start to take off. so if you can sit at a stand still and shift through gears but quits when you start to take off then the speed sensor is the issue, this is located where the output shaft goes out of the engine. the angle sensor that your replaced (which is a very very common failing part) and the shift motor bolt to a small gear box, with the shift motor removed and the angle sensor removed about two more bolts remove a small case on the front of the engine that contains some very small gears that the shift motor turns. if these have broken teeth or debris in them, it will prevent shifting, however you can shift the atv manually so this may not likely be the issue, however usually worth going into it and cleaning and regreasing the gears. aside from that again the throttle position sensor plays a role in shifting, but this will allow shifting after turning off the key and turning it back on you willl usually be able to shift temporarily. this leaves the shift motor. these are tricky to see that they are faulty. usually a person will take the motor off and test it with a battery and the motor will spin and that will usually be dismissed as not the issue. however the computer determines the shift motor is bad after it reads a bad resistance from it. this can be something as small as a dirty contact in the motor or a weak armature and either will still allow the motor to run, but the comptuer will not allow the system to shift because it senses a bad control motor and it will cause a not shift fault. these do go out so if you replaced the angle sensor, then the next bet is typically the shift motor. also in some cases i have seen that the wires that go into the motor will develop a small break and will cause it to work sometimes and sometimes not. the only other thing that i can think that would be the likely problem is the shift button harness connector. the shift buttons have a harness that goes down under the front fender, it then has a large gray connector. this connector will develop water in it from riding in things like creeks or something similar, or after a good powerwash can do it too. water gets into that connector and creates a small ground which the computer picks up as a fault and will again cause it to not even try to shift because of its fail safe mode, so that will be worth checking as well. the connector is not easy to get to but, it is a known fault that can happen.

i would check these couple things over before replacing the shift motor but if all looks good i would replace the shift motor with new.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i can put direct power to the shift motor and it will shift up all gears then change the wires around and shift down all gears but thats with the motor unpluged and stright wired 12 volts i have no power at all comeing to the shift motor at the plug i have already took apart and cleaned everything im at astand still now

ok, well just remember that the shift motor can still work, its just that the computer will still go into failsafe and not shift at all if it does not get the right continuity from it. so if it is unplugged the comp will not give any power to the shift motor. if you heavily believe that the shift motor is not the issue there is only a few things that can be done, i would check out that connector for any moisture in it. anything other then those couple things are not common and in that case you will need to go through all the conitnuity checks that honda reccomends, at that point i would reccomend getting the honda factory service manual and go through all the harness checks that they have in the ESP program section, in that case you will find is there is any break in wiring, or loss of power to the ecu. i have seen a couple rare cases where there was corrosion on a fuse and this did not give enough power to the ecu and this caused a no shift. but that is only atv i have seen do that out of hundreds, so you will want to go through the checks in the book. other then that a working display will show you the code of what is going on for sure. a working display will take out alot of guess work. but the things mentioned before are all the typical issues that cause this problem, however anything is possible unfortunately without a dispaly the manual would be the next best thing.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks i do have conutiy between the two wires comeing out the motor

because the motor works you will have some continuity, but there is a point to where the computer determines its bad. it stinks because honda doesnt give that spec out. i wish they did, it would make my job just a little easier. but knowing about other compareable armatures it is likely that it is under 1.0 ohms. the only guidence they give on this is to hook up a 6 volt source to the motor and see if it turns. i have found that to not be reliable at all. i have seen motors fail that spin well on 6volts. that is why they are so tricky to determine if they are the true fault. i guess i just would like to know that you are informed that this is a common failing part. at this point i cant be 100% on that assumption but it would be something i would definately consider. normally when anything fails the computer will send a code to the display in form of a blinking indicator. and the codes are very reliable as determining the fault, so that would be the best scenario to find a display that works, but without that or a honda manual there are possibilities out there. i appreciate the feedback, just let me know if anything unexpected comes up. thanks
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks for all the info is there anyway to change it to a manual shift ?

there is no off the shelf kit that i know of, just alot of people that try to do this attach something to the manual shift shaft and remove the shift motor reduction gears so that the shift shaft isnt having to turn the shift motor too.