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Doug E.
Doug E., Kawasaki Master Technician
Category: Motorcycle
Satisfied Customers: 2886
Experience:  Professional motorcycle mechanic since 1978. Vintage motorcycle restorer.
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2000 yamaha kodiak 400 the cdi unit burned twice please he

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2000 yamaha kodiak 400 the cdi unit burned twice please help

Kawasaki Doug :



Kawasaki Doug :

Do you have access to a multimeter?


Kawasaki Doug :

I need you to run a couple of tests. The first would be to check your battery voltage. Connect the meter to the battery and check the voltage. Turn on the key and check the voltage. Start and run the motor and rev up the engine. What is the top voltage?


Kawasaki Doug :

You should have 12.6, 12.3 and 14.5 volts as your readings. Let me know what you get.


Customer: Hi well i need to spend money in another cdi and for the kind 4 wheeler are not cheap and there is no aftermarket parts for it . What can cause the high voltage or the voltage regulator is not working property?
Kawasaki Doug :

Usually the only cause of repeated CDI failures is voltage spikes or a problem with the ground system. The charging system test will help me to know what's going on.


Kawasaki Doug :

I will look for an aftermarket CDI for you. Does it run now??? If not, it will be nearly impossible to test the charging system, although the battery may show an abnormal state of charge.


Customer: If i put a cdi it will run for seconds.i been looking for cdi but 2000 - 2002 not aftermarket and no i dont have access to the multimeter sorry
Kawasaki Doug :

I'm not showing any aftermarket CDI's for that, but there are stators and regulators. I would try and borrow a meter or buy a cheap one. Many auto parts stores will rent them cheap or you can get one at Wal-mart /Sears/ etc for $20. Without running any tests I wouldn't put parts in it.

Customer: Ok i gone get a multimeter a get back with the results thanks
Kawasaki Doug :



Customer: Hi i did the test in all the conections and 12.3 was my average in the connection for the cdi 12.3 and in some cable when off you can let me know in what cables o places you whant me to run the test again thanks
Kawasaki Doug :

OK, it's going to be very difficult to test the charging system with the machine not running. The regulator and stator tests are much more involved. I am uploading the electrical manual for you. It cover the ignition and charging systems, so you will be able to test every part.


Kawasaki Doug :

Have you tried plugging in one of your bad CDI boxes in another machine to see if it will run? It's possible your CDI is ok but your stator coil or trigger is weak.


Kawasaki Doug :

Click on that link and download the manual to your computer.


Kawasaki Doug :

Without the machine running I can't give you any shortcuts. You may have to run all of the tests.


Customer: Ok i connect one of the bad cdi's and started up and it did with no problems but it start the smoke from the cdi so i turned off
Kawasaki Doug :

That's not good. There must be a short or problem in the wiring to cause that. I'm going to go over the wiring diagram and consult with another tech. I'll hopefully have some ideas on what to test next.


Customer: I will check the whole stalation to try to find something unnormal.
Kawasaki Doug :

I'm having problems with my wiring diagram. It's missing some of the information I need. I have contacted another tech to assist me. I apologize for the delay.

Customer: You think if a changed the stator, regulator will fix my problem?
Kawasaki Doug :

That may be the issue, but it could also be something as simple as the ignition switch. Somehow voltage is coming into the CDI where it shouldn't or in higher amounts then normal.


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