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Christopher, Motorcycle Mechanic
Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  20 yrs. experience as motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, UTV and watercraft technician.
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I recently bought a 01 Yamaha yzf r1 an the ignition was drilled

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I recently bought a 01 Yamaha yzf r1 an the ignition was drilled out so I bought a generic ignition from oreillys. I installed it an neutral light wont come on an bike wont start. Then I ran a ground wire from blue neutral wire to neg batt terminal an neutral light came on an bike would turn over but wouldn't start. Now light wont come on at all an bike wont even turn over . What do I do now is there a way to bypass neutral switch?

christopher :

Hello how are you

christopher :

I think in this situation a wiring diargam will benifit you the most, give me a moment to post it for you

christopher :

This will be even better. Click on the link below, it is the entire chapter for the electrical system for you bike, including wiring diagrams

christopher :

If you have any more problems or questions let me know. You will find a link back to this chat in your email. Please remember to click on the accept button, it is the only way i am compensated for my time....Thanks

christopher :

Positive feedback is also greatly appreciated

Customer: I looked at a diagram. Im not good at reading them. I just need some ideas where to check or what I mite have shorted out or a way to bypass neutral switch
christopher :

Check the fuses first. I can help you if you can post the diagram for the ignition switch you would like to use. Does the bike have spark at this point?

christopher :

The bike should crank over with the clutch lever pulled in even if the neutral light is not on

christopher :

If the bike does have spark and it has been sitting for some time, likely it will not start due to dirty carbs

Customer: The bike ran fine before I installed new ignition. An I pulled plug wire to check spark an its not firing now
Customer: Also someone has bypassed kickstand switch an clutch switch
christopher :

From looking at the diagram, it appears that by turning the ignition switch on all it does is make a connection from the red wire to the other 3. Is that the way you have the switch wired?

Customer: I wired up new key ignition an black r hot, brown with blue stripe is ignition an two small striped wires are accessories
christopher :

Are these the colors of the new switch you are refering to or the bikes wire colors

Customer: By the way the service manual pdf u sent looks great. It explains things alot better as I am a rookie an really don't know crap about any of this. Thx alot for your help I will probably need more help n the near future an not to worry I will ACCEPT an give positive feedback . These are bikes existing wires
christopher :

How long did the bike run for ?

Customer: Bike ran for several weeks after I bought it then I decided to change old broke ignition before I got it road legal an now all these problem s. Wishing I had bought stock Yamaha ignition
christopher :

I just recieved a message from one of our other experts regarding your question. He reminded me that it is likely your stock ignition has a resister in it that limits the voltage to the ignitor. It will not run with out the stock ignition. You mentioned you had it running so i assumed that maybe this year did not have one. Now hearing it will not run with the new ignition my thoughts have changed.

christopher :

Give me a moment and i will get the part # XXXXX the stock ignition

christopher :

Hopefully you did not damage the ignitor

christopher :


christopher :

The switch new is right around $130

Customer: Thanks alit u been very helpful. I itleast know what I may have done by installing generic ignition an know what to check now. Was definatly a learning experience.
christopher :

Good luck. If you would like to work with me in the future put my name in the question and ill will pick it up the next time i am on

Customer: Are they charging me for each time I asked u a ? An u reply?
christopher :

No not in this question, you only pay one time

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