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32dmadden, Motorcycle Mechanic
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Experience:  15 years of motorcycle experience service manager for Ft. Walton Yamaha 1978-1988 Auto shop owner
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1100 N Bike shut down only signals work..blows..brake switch..coils

Customer Question

yamaha custom 1100 N

Bike shut down only signals work, all fuses are good excecpt for the one of the Main 30A
the rear fuse, when conection is made with conector. it arcs and blows new fuse, it would be red wire, or dbl red white, or blue, Shut off switch good, start switch good, hand break switch good, foot brake switch good, coils good, as far as I have gotten. Main switch, red wire tested with brn blue Open switch when off, closed switch when on: blue/black -blue/yellow Open when off, closed when on, seems good to me, still short at main fuse,
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  32dmadden replied 6 years ago.
The fuse blowing is caused by a short to ground. It can be an electrical component or the wiring. The best way to find it is to use a test light across the fuse holder that blows the fuse. When the short is present it will shine brightly. When the short is removed it will shine dim. Start unplugging things on the red/white wire while watching the light. When it goes dim you have found the short.
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
why would you think its the red white, vs the red power to Main switch and out from there to wareever it goes, or the blue, seems that I should check all, but I will be checking the red white first,
Expert:  32dmadden replied 6 years ago.
You are right to check all. I should have said red/yellow. My eyes are not as good as they used to be. Any way check the red/yellow, brown, and blue wires coming from the ignition switch. Looks like the red /white gets hot at the starter relay. It gets power to the coils and other components. checking there is a good idea.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

D Madden~~~~ Don, David, ect Ill use Don


Hell getting old is it not. Had to buy new readers to read the dam manual. 2.75


I do believe it is the Rectifier regulator, every thing else works tests out plug the regulator in and pop goes the wiesell, Now I wonder if something made it go bad???

Kind of like the regulator junked the fuse, can not find any thing else bad and have ordered threw local dealer here. any coments as th looking for another source of trouble are welcome


Cheers Don



Expert:  32dmadden replied 6 years ago.
Sounds like you have found it. It could be the regulator side or the rectifier side. Either way it is time to replace it. Probably went bad with age like the rest of us. Let me know if you need more help.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Hey Madden:


Just a follow up for you. Yamaha's are notorious for Stators melting inside the windings and one is not able to see any damage, even though the pickup coil tests out ok. Thinking back on this problem, when a stator shorts it takes out the rectifier/regulator with it, Well. found the problem with the rectifier. replaced it and no spark, retest out every thing in that signal, and started talking with a friend who is in town. Sater going out is what blew rectifier/reg, what in turn blows 30A fuse.


This site sayes that I did not accecpt your answer, Not true, I did accecpt on your first answer, and I do not consider this and other courispondance an answer. Just bs also it sayes I should be able to ask further questions, If any my further question was do I need to look further for a problem what caused the Rectifier to go out. turns out the stator is fried also, causing the othe problems.


If they have not payed you for the question let me know.



Expert:  32dmadden replied 6 years ago.
First off the question shows that you accepted it on my end so no telling. I don't have any problem with more questions along the same tract. So lets get started. If the rectifier went bad on the rectifier side one of the one way diodes could have gone bad and let battery power go directly to ground. You can test this on the old rectifier with an ohmmeter. Each diode should have continuity one way but when you reverse the meter leads there should be no continuity. Two questions does the fuse still blow? On the red white wires going to the ignition coils do you have 12 volts with the key and kill switch on? Don't forget to check the side stand switch. I'll be waiting to hear from you.