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I have a problem with timing on honda xr 200

Customer Question

i have a problem with timing on honda xr 200
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Bike-Doc replied 6 years ago.

Bike-Doc :

Hi, welcome to JustAnswer
You will need a timing light to set this accurately


wat on a honda xr 200 84 model


is there some site that i can download the diadram



Bike-Doc :

The timing can be set manually (static) to near enough spot on & then finished with a timing light (dynamically)

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Expert:  Bike-Doc replied 6 years ago.
Yours is the 4 valve XR200 not the 2 valve XR200R was discontinued in 1983

Valve timing:-
Remove the 2 plugs in the alternator cover - or the complete cover& turn crank anti-clockwise until the T mark on the rotor lines up with lines up with the index mark on the crankcase
Insert camshaft (if removed) & position the sprocket holes at 6 & 12 o'clock
Fit cam sprocket (if removed)...
Expert:  Bike-Doc replied 6 years ago.
Align the O mark on the cam sprocket with the index mark on the head cover so that the front of the camchain is tight
Ensure the punch mark on the pulser rotor is aligned with the index mark on the ATU plate
Fit the pulser rotor assembly so that the groove in the ATU plate is aligned with the protruding end of the dowel pin
Fit the pulser baseplate to its exact original position
If no mark was made at disassembly position the alternator rotor so the F mark aligns...
Expert:  Bike-Doc replied 6 years ago.
Rotate the pulser baseplate so that the rotating magnets trailing edge is just leaving the metal protrusion of the pulser coil as the engine is turned anti-clockwise
This will give a rough ignition timing alignment - good enough to fire her up to set it dynamically with a timing light

Sorry, couldn't find a diagram for you so I hope that I have answered your question satisfactorily

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