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What does putting a screaming eagle package on an 883 do for

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What does putting a screaming eagle package on an 883 do for its performanceand how much does this cost

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Harley doesn't show a "screamin eagle package" for your model and year in the accessory catalog.


can you be a little more specific about what you are referring to???




Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I was under the impression it could be added to any harley. So i guess more specifically im trying to understand the difference between a harley with or without the screaming eagle. A 1200 harley w the package vs without. An 886 with or without. How does this package change the bike.

there are no screamin eagle parts or kits for your bike.


there is a 883-`200 screamin eagle conversion

for 2008 and newer models.


it is nothing more than a 1200 conversion. it turns a 883 into a 1200 with more performance than a stock 1200.


if you were to install the screamin eagle heads on a would run exactly like a(NNN) NNN-NNNNconversion with the same heads.


let me know if you need more help or still have questions.

if you are looking to upgrade your bike, I can help you with that, but it will NOT be a "screamin eagle". that designation is reserved for factory CVO bikes and they are all Big Twins.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
yes u have generally answered my question. But as u can tell i am brand new to the bike world. So last thing on my mind is: does your answer mean that anytime i see a screaming eagle on a bike, that means that bike used to be an 883 that was converted to a 1200 or do bikes roll from the factory with a screaming eagle pack on it also ??? Thanks for your help, I think im getting it.

the ONLY bikes you will ever see with a "screamin eagle" paint job are CVO models from factory and they are ALL big twins.


do not confuse this with screamin eagle parts and badges, available from your dealership.

you can buy screamin eagle (SE) air cleaners, SE heads, etc. these parts will have the words screamin eagle on them........but that does not make the bike a screamin eagle CVO bike.


does that clarify the issue???

if not, let me know and we can discuss it further.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
actually confused me more. I got the whole conversion thing. thanks for that. the rest im lost but i guess i got my answer. generally im looking to buy a bike and i only want a harley. People know i dont know shit about bikes YET and i feel like im being taken advantage of or trying to be sold something i really dont know if i want or not. I know i want a harley 1200 I see alot of Harleys w a box on the side that says screaming eagle on it when i ask about it im told its been added and a must have. I dont fn know. But u have been great, thanks for your patience w me. Im learning here. I will recommend this site.

that sounds like a screamin eagle air cleaner kit.

click on link above.


ok, here's the quick and dirty:


there are 3 kinds of Harleys....V rods, Sportsters and Big Twins.

Sportsters come in 2 basic flavors....1200cc and 883cc.

there are different models of each.


Vrod is a line all it's own and are the only Harleys that do not have a 45 degree V-twin pushrod engine.

they are 60 degree, water cooled, overhead cam engines........not unlike Aprillia's.

these are available as CVO screamin eagles.


Big twins are a bit more diverse.

models include Dyna, Softail, Touring and Trike.

all of these models are available in a standard configuration and some (Dyna. softail and touring) are also available as limited edition CVO (Custom vehicle operations) Screamin Eagle models with a special factory paint job and performance modifications already added, like heads, high compression pistons, cams and already equipped with the stage 1 ECM download.

this paint job is ONLY available to owners of CVO bikes.

Sportsters are NOT available as CVO screamin Eagles.


that said.......Harley has their own trademark performance parts. they are called "screamin eagle" parts. anyone with a Harley can buy and install screamin eagle mufflers, air cleaners, cams, spark plugs, etc.

after this is done, this is NOT a "screamin eagle package". this is a Harley with screamin eagle upgrades.

there are better performance parts available than screamin eagle.

Arlen Ness Big Sucker air cleaners are better than screamin eagle air cleaners.

there are several cam manufacturers. whether you choose screamin eagle or S&S for Andrews, etc depends on what you want the motor to do.


if you want maximum performance, you do a package. the first thing you do is send your heads to someone like BC Gerolomy and tell them what you want such as monster torque or monster horsepower or maybe you want 100 hp and 100 ft-lb torque OR whatever it is you want the engine to do that it doesn't do as-is. they will modify your heads and tell you which cams, carb, fuel injection and compression ratio you need.

once you put that "package" together, you will have exactly what you asked for and it will leave guys with must have 'screamin eagle" air cleaners in your dust.




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