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Pickup: a screamin eagle ignition module part number..coil..side under

Customer Question

i need to know how to check a screamin eagle ignition module part number (32596-96) with a multi-meter. and or possibly the pickup coil or watever is down on the right hand side under the gear cover. im not getting any spark to the plugs yet coil is getting 12 volts
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Steve replied 6 years ago.

Welcome. Thank you for choosing Just Answer.


disconnect the 3 pin connector between the cam sensor and the ignition module. you should find it on the frame, near the tranny, behind the exhaust pipes.


remove your spark plugs (or use spares), tape them together with electrical tape such that the ends point in different directions, insert these test plugs in the spark plug wires and just let them hang down.


turn on the ignition switch and kill switch.


on the 3 pin connector going up to the ignition module, check for 12vdc (to ground) on the red wire.

if it is NOT there, your module is bad.

if it IS there, short the other two wires together rapidly with a small screwdriver. you will have to do this several times as the ignition module ignores the first few.

check for spark while shorting the other 2 pins together.


IF you get NO spark.....the module is bad.

IF you DO get spark.......the cam sensor is bad, OR you have a problem with the wiring between the cam sensor and module connector.


let me know if you need more help.




Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Cool man, the exact info I was lookin for and quicker than I expected. I got spark at plugs when I jumpered the other two wires at the camsensor plug like you said so module seems ok. I have the cam sensor out and plan to get a new one from harley dealer tomorrow but I was curious if there was a fairly easy way to check it with an ohm meter to know if its bad or not. Really appreciate your help. Mike


Expert:  Steve replied 6 years ago.

there is no way to check it with an ohm meter.

it is a solid state device and must be attached to the ignition module to function.


let me know how you make out with the swap.