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I am purchasing the SE Pro Super Tuner kit w/ smart tune dvds/cables.

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I am purchasing the SE Pro Super Tuner kit w/ smart tune dvd's/cables. What would the optimum download map be for my 2011 Street Glide 103 w/ SE Heavy Breather and Vance and Hines Pro-pipe HO 2:1? I have the SE Stg 1 but as you know it was just enough to make a minor adjustments air/fuel wise. It's still lacking on the throttle response and power. Thanks for any help. Chris
With the 2011 103 you would use Map 44AAO002 and do a smart tune using that Map ..the Factory 103s come with stock 96 cams ..if you want a bit more performance you can add the SE 255 Cams ..these work very well from 1000 RPM to 4500 RPM Range which is great for a Bagger and normal riding ....when you flash the SEPST Map it will over wright the Stage 1 map
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Not sure if I asked, but I can do this with my own laptop to map/download and not take it to the dealer? Also, I know you previously recommended the SE Sport Tuner and not the Super Tuner Pro Race. Was my local dealer correct in upgrading me to the Race or would the Street been sufficient? You have been correct on all previous threads. This Glide is my retirement bike and I want to make sure she runs at peak performance. Thanks. Oh, why can I not leave you a tip when I accept your answers? JA has not been to forthcoming w/ this issue.
The Super Tuner Pro Race is what you want ..the street version is very limited and needs the dealers help can do it all with the Pro version with your own Lap Top will take some reading through the help files but you should be able to do it....feel free to ask me about any problems you may run in to ... As Experts we can receive a Bonus for questions
Customer: replied 6 years ago.



Slight change in plans. The Dealer dropped the ball on my order and never processed it. I got my refund and purchased the TTS Master Tune complete kit. Do you have a solid ECM Flash/download mor my mods? SE Heavy Breather and Vance and Hines Pro Pipe H.O., 2:1.


Also, once I instal the ECM Flash myself, I will post the reply comment and a significant $$, so others will know your info is correct and well worth the money you are saving them for their tune/mods. Thanks again!

There is not a base map for a 103 with A/C and Exhaust changed. You might be able to use the 96" one with A/C and Exhaust and change the cubic inch in the map up to 103

Then V tune it to get the VEs correct ...if the Dealer sold you a TTS he should be able to show you how to do this

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Good news...finally off the tuner merry-go-round. The GM got wind of the SERT Pro order mishap and had a SERT complete kit driven here from another dealer about an hour from away. So it's officially back to the SERT. I have both discs and cables. Everything is hooked and ready to flash. Is the 44AAO002 flash a good code for my 103 Mods? Is there any additional tuning
needed once the new code is flashed? Thanks..
Once its flashed it will be very could do a smart tune with it...but that system will auto tune with in 30% any way..... install that 44AAO002 Map and put some miles on it and see how it feels....I think you will like it :)

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