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/green stripe from the speedometer is terminated..ecU...ecu..speedo

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We discovered the white wire w/green stripe from the speedometer is terminated and shrink wrapped before it can enter the ECU. If this wire is not reaching the ECU could that be my problem with the Speedo not reeding right?

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are you the original owner?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Steve, no, I bought the bike off eBay repo motorcycles

the white/gn wire is a vehicle speed signal. I do not know what the ECM uses that information for, but the TSM uses it to operate your self canceling turn signals.

if that wire is clipped, I have to wonder what other wiring nightmares you may be looking at.

your speedo system is very simple........the speed sensor connects to the speedometer, the speedometer is connected to 12v and ground (with a few extra wires for indications that have nothing to do with the speedo).

since you have replaced both of the usual suspects, a wiring problem is all that is left.


you will have to be patient. you need to start at the speedo and check every pin/socket on every electrical connector. you need top verify the pin/sockets are inserted fully in the connector and you will need to pull every wire and verify a proper connection where the pin/socket is crimped to the wire.

you should also check for pinched wires, splices, electrical tape, butt splices or any other sign the wiring has been tampered with or modified.


if I were you, I would purchase the HD service manual for the bike. the schematics are excellent and the electrical section contains a lot of information about the wiring connectors and the pins/sockets used.


I will help you all I can, but it would be a lot easier for you to actually see the pictures and read the instructions.

the main harness plugs into the speedo.

the speed sensor has a 3 pin connector between the sensor and the speedo connector.


let me know if you need more help.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Steve, We have inspected and cleaned every connection. We discovered this dead end wire in the process. We have tested continuity in every pin and wire. We have inspected all wiring harnesses and all appear to be factory sealed or wrapped. This white with green wire appears to have broken off at the pin at the ECM. I am not sure when this happened. I thought maybe when the power commander was installed? We have a factory manual and have traced all wires from the speedo. One old machanic thought that is could be some other modual in the system that is malfuntioning and is my problem. I will hook up this wire and see if anything changes. Thanks, Mike


that is a good first step, but I do not believe it will solve your issue. this wire has nothing to do with speedo operation. it is an output signal of vehicle speed and may be used by the ECM to adjust the fuel map (??).


I believe your problem is related to a bad crimp connection on one of the pins/sockets associated with the speed sensor signal. you will need to disassemble the connectors and remove the pins/sockets and inspect where the pin/socket is crimped to the wire. look for broken strands, corrosion, anything that doesn't look right.

resistance checks will not tell you if the wire is performing under load, with current flow.


like I said....this will require patience and determination.

it's your bike and your call.


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