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I bought a used 86 kawasaki KD80 for my son to learn on. the

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I bought a used '86 kawasaki KD80 for my son to learn on. the guy i bought it from says that I should use a 30:1 gas/oil mixture. Yet I see a tank under the seat on the right side, that looks like this for Oil. Should I be putting oil in this tank, and straight gas in the gas tank, or keep mixing and put in the gas tank? If not oil what is this tank? Is there a special oil I should be using? Also what kid of transmission fluid should i put in the bike? thanks for your help...John

Hello John


Yes it does have a oil tank. The guy you purchased the bike from may have disconnected the oil pump making the injection oil system unless at this point. In that case the fuel would need to be premixed with oil. since he recommend the 30:1 premix of fuel and oil I would say that is how he has it set up. I like the Maxima 972 premix oil also the Maxima Super M is good also.


I use the Maxima MTL 80 wight for transmission. Yamaha's Trans Oil Plus is good also.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
How o I know if the oil pump is disconected? And what engine/motor oil would I use if its not disconnected?

Thanks John

Hello John


Look for any hoses or lines disconnected from the oil tank to the pump.

you can look for the oil line #92059 and see if bolt #92001 is connected to the intake system.


or you can fill the oil tank with oil Maxima Super M and run the bike with premixing the fuel. Then crack Bolt #92001to see if oil is being pumped to the intake system and then it would go to the cylinder.

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