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yamsuzpolaris, Motorcycle Mechanic
Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  service technician on yamaha suzuki polaris products since early 70's. currently own and manage deal
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Can I get a new key made by using VIN number on a bike

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Can I get a new key made by using my VIN number? I know it can be done on a car, what about a motorcyle? I've been told that the only thing I can do is get a new ignition. Fine, but that STILL leaves me unable to open my gas cap or release my rear seat!!!
check around with QUALITY locksmith shops in your area. as a dealer here we always replaced the ignition switch as thats (WAS) the only way. and you will NEVER get a new set of locks to match. you know how I can tell ANY motorcycle owner who lost his original keys? thats the guy whose bike keyring has 2-3-4 new keys on it. but anyway find a locksmith who can make you a key from working with any of the locks on your bike. maybe he/she comes to where you are, or maybe you gotta take the bike to them. but check carefully for someone who can make keys the old fashioned locksmith way, by hand. then you'll be just like before you lost or broke key. Mark
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