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77 honda: gl1000, Im installing a multifire CDI

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Subject 77 honda gl1000, Im installing a multifire CDI ing. system by genex. On the bike. Q-the wire diagram in clymer manual & the instructions of the CDI. Show that one coil fires cylender #1&4 the other fires 2&3. Problem the coils are wired 1&2-on right coil- 2&3 on left coil (spark plug wires)witch are numbered & are on the correct cylinder per manual. Thats 1&3 on right bank & 2&4 on left bank-sitting on bike as refrence. Every thing appers to be physicaly correct to bike ecept the pairing of the plug wires to the coils. And the bike runes. very well I might add on the factory points. how can this be? it had to come factory. The bike only has 1200 mils. on it! Did they do somthing special on this bike for the EPA. Or have I just lost my mind?
The GL 1000 and all the 4 cylinder ones for that matter. pair the coils the 2 front cylinders on one coil and the 2 rear on the other. now your bike is right by the clymer manual and they are numbered correct on the bike and running correct? if this is the case your instructions for the ignition are wrong and you will have to pair then the same way they are stock, or 2 cylinders would be 180 deg. out of time, and would not run. i hope this helps you get your new ignition installed and working correctly. thanks for using just answer. Brian D
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
the problem is the bikes running setup does not follow either the manual or install sheet. witch show the same setup.
how are they paired on the bike now? 1-2 front 3-4 rear, right?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
1&2 - 3&4 This is a apposed 4 cyl. like small plane eng. 1&3 on right & 2&4 on left. just to clarify.
i am going from memory on the numbering of the cylinders. but the thing i am trying to make sure of is the way it is running now the front cylinders are 1&2 and the rear cylinders are 3&4 looking down on the motor as sitting on the seat. are paired that way on the coils? that the pairs are front back not left right. i used to own a 76 for years, but we don't see many of these old 4 cylinders much anymore. i looked at the clymer wiring diagram on line and it is confusing it looks like they are paired left to right but that can't be. Brian D
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
thats what im saying the book shows them paired front right#1 & back left#4 the other back right #3 & front left #2! & it runs Un less a grimland changed it sence i last ran it
from what i remember about the coil set up i was sure it is paired front and rear together. have you followed the wires all the way to the coils to make sure of the way they are paired. i agree with you it don't seem right some where. i can check the book i have at the shop in the morning when i get there. it is getting late here almost midnight so i am out for the night, follow those wires to the coils to verify the pairs. i will double check in the morning with my factory book and get back to you then. good night. Brian
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I have checked &double checked, even removed coil packs to verrify wires & place ment of
if it runs it has to be right. i will verify in the morning for you.
wow what a dilemma. i can find both ways on the wiring, the parts diagram shows the 1-4 and 2-3 pattern. the later gl 1200 is wired the way you say that yours is 1-3 and 2-4. the factory manual shows the way i thought 1-2 and 3-4. i am including a picture of the diagram from the Honda manual for the gl 1000. i hope this helps you get this thing sorted out once and for all. thanks for your patience, and for using just answer. Brian D

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
my bike is wired as the factory manual told you. Ive thought this problem through. the fireing order is 1-3-2-4 & thats the only pattern that will work with it. but knowing all weve learned, It still does not answer how to wire the coils to the CDI. well theirs 2 coils & ill wire them one way & if not then the other. one way has to work. And im not loosing my mind! HA HA. One Q- you may answer- should i bypass the ballast resister? I believe i should? And thanks for your help Brian!
you are replacing the coils and installing electronic triggers with your new system, so if it does not call for a ballast resister, then you will not want to use it. does your new system have 1 or 2 pickups replacing the points? i would hope 2 180 deg apart. thanks for the accept and feedback it has been a pleasure. i love digging into problems. Brian D
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
The system does have 2 picups & 2 magnites. with a control box,But im using old coils.
if you are using the old coils, then you want to keep the ballest resistor. whats the web siten for that igntion company?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

This unit i bought is NOS about 25+ years old, Its a,Multifire CDI. by GEREX. Im only worried about the coils. ill probley try running it for awile &see how hot they get.

Ok that explaines why i could not find anything on it. good luck with you project, let me know how it all works out. if you need anymore help i will be here at just answer. Thanks Brian D