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2002 polaris sportsman 700 has no fire replaced coil didnt

Customer Question

2002 polaris sportsman 700 has no fire replaced coil didnt fix. please help
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Jeff Policky replied 7 years ago.

Polaris have a Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) system is designed to stop the engine of an ATV in the event of a stuck throttle mechanism. The ETC switch is mounted inside the throttle block assembly. the problem it has is when the throttle mechanism (cable tension is lost), the switch contacts close, grounding out CDI black wire to ground, which prevents ignition spark. This is the same as turning the key or engine stop switch "OFF". Check the throttle to make sure it only has no more than 1/8" of play in the thumb lever.


Also disconnect the black wire at the CDI module to isolate the ignition from the kill system. Check for spark.


The pulse coil output needs to be tested the best test is a peak voltage meter. the pulse coil has a red, black wires the peak voltage should be 3.3 Volts DC.

if you do not have a peak voltage meter you can check the Ohms reading. the pulse coil is 360 to 410 ohms. also the check black to ground and it should have no continuity

The exciter coil has a brown and yellow wires the peak voltage should be 34 Volts DC.

the exciter coil ohms reading is 5.4 to 7.3 ohms. also the check brown to ground should be 0 ohms resistance

the wires for the can be found at the Coil/CDI unit.

if any of the readings are out of specs the component is bad.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

there are 2 plugs at the cdi/coil one has a red wire and a black wire should the red wire have 12v power>

on the other plug yellow, black and brown the yellow one witha test light pulsates.

which one should have power all the time?

Expert:  Jeff Policky replied 7 years ago.

neither can be tested with a test light you will need a peak voltage meter or a ohm meter to verify their condition. The CDI unit is powered by the yellow wire from stator when cranking.


The peak voltage test is done to see the amount of voltage the exciter and pulser coil can putout as they need a certain voltage for the CDI unit to work.


A ohm meter test the components electrical condition only (exciter and pulser coil) when it is not connected to the CDI unit.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i checked all the things you said with an ohm meter all were within specs. any other idea
Expert:  Jeff Policky replied 7 years ago.

The ohms test are ok but a peak voltage test is the best as the ohm meter does not put enough load on the system to find a weak pulser or exciter coil. The peak voltage test is a better and more definitive test and would be the next test to confirm the ohm test..


The coil and CDI are a all in one unit on your unit is this what you have?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
yes the cdiand the coil are one unit. where can i get a peak voltage tester?
Expert:  Jeff Policky replied 7 years ago.

Ok thank you just making sure I had the correct unit.


Radio Shack, Harbor Fright, Sears and Ebay are some of the places that you can find them. If you have fluke multi meter their is adapter you can get for them to make it a peak voltage tester it cost about $60-$80 fro the peak voltage adapter.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
are you suposed to have everything including the cdi/coil to do the peak voltage test
Expert:  Jeff Policky replied 7 years ago.

No just the pulse and exciter coil are tested with the components disconnected from the wire harness just the peak voltage meter connected to the component. since the CDI and Coil are one and the primary wires that connectors to the coil from the CDI are inside the coil/cdi unit and no way to test the primary wire input to the coil.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

what else is there to replace besides the exciter and pulse coil and i think they come together. is there anything else that could cause this problem?

could a bad battery cause all this, it wont hold a charge


Expert:  Jeff Policky replied 7 years ago.

in the ignition system other than the kill switches all their is the coil/cdi unit, exciter and pulser coils and their is the flywheel they can go bad but very very rarely.


Yes the battery is the first place to start. if the battery dose not have enough voltage to supply the starting and ignition system the ignition system may not fire.


A battery may indicate a full charge condition in the battery voltage test and the specific gravity test, but still may not have the storage capacity necessary to properly function in the electrical system. For this reason, a battery capacity or load test should be conducted whenever poor battery performance is encountered. To perform this test, Verify the battery is fully charged. Then hook a multitester to the battery The reading should be 12.6 volts or greater. Engage the starter and observe the battery voltage while cranking the engine. Continue the test for 15 seconds. During cranking the observed voltage should not drop below 9.5 volts. If the beginning voltage is 12.6 volts or higher and the cranking voltage drops below 9.5 volts during the test, replace the battery.