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2004 Honda: 4x4..Automatic transmission..brake fluid (smells..cables

Customer Question

2004 Honda 4x4 Rincon 500 Liquid Cooled Automatic Transmission...2 questions... 1. Smell of brake fluid (smells almost burnt) and the left handle that includes emergency brake lever is loose and depresses fully to the handle when engaged. Have checked cables and connections are fine. Is there some adjustment I can apply? Right side brake handle and foor pedal works fine and ATV stops with no problems. 2. Have 3 settings for vehicle movement L, D and R for low, drive and reverse respectively. Also have D1, D2 and ESP settings respectively. When engaging shifter, display for setting simply flashes all available settings and does not indicate actual selection (e.g., L, D or R) and it is sluggish when trying to go forward but is driveable. When placed in R for reverse, vehicle sputters and barely creeps along like something is not engaging. Any possible causes/solutions (e.g., cellenoids (sp?), etc). Thanks. Phil

p f harris 1965 at y a h o o . c o m

Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.
the left hand brake is for the parking brake witch is the rear brake. if u look at the rear brake drum u will see that there are two adjustments. one for the rear foot brake and one for the parking brake. the top adjuster nut should be for the parking brake. turn that clockwise to tighten. when u shift the bike into gear and u are getting all three setting, that means that u have a problem and it is in retard mode. d1, d2 and esp are thre different setting for the transmition. d1 is the high setting when in drive and d2 is for max torque. esp setting is when u came manualy change gears with the toggle switches on the left handlebar. to find the problem with the transmition, honda puts a jumper port under the seat. u can use a paper clip and jumper between the socket. then turn the ignition on and count the number of flashes on the dash. the number of blinks goes to a specific problem.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Okay. I understand what you stated about the brake issue; however, what is the burnt smell of fluid that I am smelling? Any thoughts? The smell started at the extact same time I noticed that the brake handle was not working properly. Is there any fluid reservoir used for the left brake handle? Any place I can check?


Lastly, on the other question, so are you saying I simply bend a paper clip and insert and then the blink count will be the key to a potential problem? If so then once I get the number of blinks is there any online resource where I can look it up so I will have an idea what to expect once I take it to a mechanic?



Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.
there is no reservoir for the left hand brake lever. it only has a cable that goes all the way back to the rear brake cam. u might check the cooant reservoir if it is overfilled and check the oil. the automatic trans are vary picky about the oil. the smell might be part of the problem with the trans. if we find the problem with the trans the smell might be in the same place. yes, u can find the problem using the self diaignoactics. make sure the ignition is off and insert the paper clip in the port and then turn the key on. the dash might flash once and then go into the problem code. the blinks will keep repeting so u can find the pattern. i dont know if the problem codes are on line but if u find the code i can tell u what it is.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Thanks. I will perform what you have described. I have checked for leaks and found nothing; however, I have now thoroughly washed the vehicle and will recheck. I will check the coolant and the oil as well. The vehicle was just serviced about 3 months ago and has only been ridden maybe a total of 20 hours since that service. It was perfomed by a certified dealer as well so hopefully they got it right.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Once I get the code figured out I will post again and add some more money to my account. I am finding that this may prove to be a lot cheaper than taking it straight to a dealer.
Expert:  Richard replied 7 years ago.
that will be good. when u get the code, i can look in the service manual and let u know what the problem is. also sometimes i have seen alot when we serivce 4wheelers that some oil will get left over on the skid plate when we drain the oil. we try to wash it off best we can but there is always some left over. check the skid plate and see if there is a little left over from the service.