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I have a 02 suzuki eiger that the flywheel magnets came unglued.Ive

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I have a 02' suzuki eiger that the flywheel magnets came unglued.I've been told online that the magnets are different poles from end to middle,they seem to be just standard north/south pole magnets.How do I know what order they need to be in.
the magnets on the flywheel are bonded to it. if they come off they are vary vary hard to get back on. they do only have north/south polarity. if there is one left on the flywheel you can figure out witch way they go one. also what do the magnets look like after they came off? if you do get them back on, more then likly the charging system will not work right or will burn out the stator. they have to be the right distance apart or will overlap on the stator legs. i would just buy a used or new one.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The magnets are all in good shape. I found out that loctite 331 is used to bond the magnets to the wheel. Not sure what order they go in they all came out with the stator when I pulled the cover.I do know what is the out side edge of the magnets and can figure out what the spacing is.Can't find a used flywheel any were and don't want to spend the $500 on a new one, cause also had to buy a stator cause that got fried from magnets being loose.

all the magnets should be all the same size and don't have a special order they go in. so u can put them in any order. if the loctite does not work, get some jb weld quick. jb quick sets up fast and it it like steel after it dries. vary easy to work with.

did u ever get it to work?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Could you tell me is the Eiger 400 flywheel the same as any other quad [except ac's 400]?

looks like the flywheel only works on that unit. it will fit a 2002 through 2007. automatic and manual shift units. found flywheel on for $331.19.
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