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Accessory..the directional lights brake light cruse light etc..relay

Resolved Question:

accessory fuse keeps blowing. the directional lights brake light cruse light etc not working. Is the sytem relay the problem?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Motorcycle
Expert:  Motorcycle Tech replied 7 years ago.

It sounds like you have a short in the wiring ... it could be in the brake light circuit ...or signal system.... the system relay would not blow an acc fuse... have you changed bars recently or worked on them ?


Make and year of bike would help ...

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
it is a 2008 ultra classic. No recent changes just a 15000 mile check up
Expert:  Motorcycle Tech replied 7 years ago.
Unless you take it to a dealer...about all you can do is try unplugging things until it stops blowing a fuse to narrow it down... some times just twisting a clutch lever mount or a front brake lever mount can be enough to pinch a wire and make the fuse blow ... I have seen some with chafed wires under the faring in front... some of the wires run next to the fairing mounts and can get rubbed through in the harness ...
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