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Pickup: i have 1989 kawasaki bayou 220 atv it has no spark..cdi..coil

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i have 1989 kawasaki bayou 220 atv it has no spark could some one tell best way to check cdi box stator and pickup coil p.s im not to good wit multimeter i do have couple i need to no what to set meter at to do these test properly thanks darren

has the battery been load tested? the battery is very important, espically because your ignition system is battery powered. even if the battery is only 6 months old, go to your nearest dealer or auto parts store, and they will load test the battery for free. the load test will tell us if the battery will start the atv and hold enough voltage to run the ignition system. a proper load test will test the battery 2 times, both for at least 6 seconds. the battery needs to maintain at least 10.5 volts for the duration of the test.

after the battery has been checked, make sure it is installed tight with clean connections.

after the battery is known to be good or not, we will continue from there

thank you

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
battery is new and i killed it a little and hooked a car battery up to it. battery is out of car just got battery hooked up with booster cables. there is good spark comin from stator not sure bout pick up coil spark going into cdi box but none coming out
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
ok just tryed new battery out of my new atv that i no is 100% still no different???

well, the battery you have in it needed to be load tested, but that test you did will work for now.

so did you already install the new pickup coils?


next test is to remove the spark plug cap from the cylinder, and crank over the engine while holding the end of the spark plug wire very close to the engine(unpainted surface) do you see spark?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
tryed all that been working on my own bikes for 18years need more not real good with electronics

so your pickup coil is new

your stator is checked and good

after we test the ignition coils, if those are good then your cdi is bad

on the primary side of the ignition coil, you will have 2 wires. you need to set the ohm meter(multimeter) to ohms and if it is not autoranging, set it to under 10 or 20 scale. unplug the wires leading to the coil, and use the ohm meter to test one connector to the other ON THE COIL. you should get a very low resistance reading, like under 5 or 8 ohms. next, unplug the spark plcap, and test from one wire on the primary side to the spark plug wire. set the ohm meter to 100 ohm scale. you should get around 300 to 600 ohms. if your ignition coil tests in this range, then your cdi is bad and not sparking the coil.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
i bought the pick up coil cheap it is new but from ebay? just in case wat do i set my ohms meter to check it thanx

the pick up coil is tested with the unit unplugged from the harness. with it unplugged, it should read between 300-500 ohm, so you want the 1000 ohm setting.

to really test the pick up coil, you want to set your meter to ac volts, 10 range, and crank over the bike(you can have it plugged in for this test) with the bike cranking over, you should see at least 3-4 volts AC!!



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